How To Select Indian Wedding Favors

The visual grandeur of the Indian culture is mesmerizing and splendid. It captures a style that takes you to a world with myriad colors and designs. The lines of simplicity are mixed with gems of magnificence. It is truly a marriage of the plain and the extravagant.

Presently, more couples are arranging for an Indian-inspired wedding. Full of vibrant colors matched with exotic tastes and smells. The preparations are complete, the wedding itself well-planned and the guests have been invited. The only problem is picking out Indian wedding favors. Below are pointers on what to consider when shopping for Indian favors.

  • Select usable things. No matter what wedding you are planning and preparing, it is advisable that the wedding favors are usable on their own. Something that could be kept - a memento and a usable object. In an Indian wedding, you have to look at the Indian culture to draw inspiration on the favor to be used. You can purchase small boxes, pouches, vases or wall hangings with Indian art. These can adorn rooms or sections of the house.
  • Pattern and choose according to the wedding theme. Indian weddings nowadays do not only reflect strict Indian themes in all aspects of the wedding. Others would want to sprinkle individuality to their wedding affair, as well as complementing other factors such as their location. Indian wedding favors are designed to remind the guests not only of the ceremony they have attended, but the people behind it as well. Choose the wedding favor that will first and foremost reflect the newlywed’s uniqueness and individuality.
  • Reflect the Indian religion. The solemnity or holiness found within the Indian culture is obvious. Culture, art and way of living, reflect the religious belief of the Indian people. Religious icons maybe given as wedding favors – reminder of the wedding and reflective of its solemnity and importance.
  • No cheap and disposable wedding favors. Selecting items that are cheap or can be used up or thrown away is very insulting for the Indian culture. Stay within the beliefs of gift giving of the Indian culture. They believe that giving gifts which are cheap and disposable are insults and should not be done. It is not acceptable and much frowned upon.
  • Gifts that educate. Giving away gifts, which explain the Indian tradition and culture of marriage, is another great gift idea that could be used. The gift could be a small book, scroll or wall hanging, which describes the Indian way of marriage. You can also give away CDs or DVDs that educate on the Indian culture. There are many CDs or DVDs that cover every aspect of life in India. These gifts will make your guests understand why you choose such a wedding and appreciate it more.
  • Where to purchase. Purchasing Indian wedding favors online is a good idea. It allows you to select from dozens of websites and hundreds of choices. Just allow for a period of delivery. Some wedding boutiques offer Indian inspired wedding favors and can help with suggestions and customizations. Also visit Indian stores for items or ideas on wedding favors.

There are lots of ideas on which items to get as wedding favors. However, it is a preference of the wedding planner and the couple to select the appropriate Indian wedding favors.

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