How To Set a Budget for Your Wedding

The most important aspect in planning a wedding is the budget. In the first place, if you don't have the resources to finance your wedding, how could a wedding take place? On the other hand, if you do have a planned budget for your wedding, how are you going to allocate every portion of it?

To set a budget for your wedding, take into consideration first who is going to shoulder the wedding expenses. There is a tradition that the father of the bride is the one in charge, as far as financing the wedding is concerned, because by marrying off his daughter, it's as if he is relieving himself of financial responsibilities for her. However, this tradition is now slowly vanishing, since we now live in a modern world where both man and woman observe equity in handling their finances. After all, women nowadays have emerged to be effective members of the working class, and they contribute significantly to the wealth of the family and cannot be considered as a burden to the family.

You and your fiancé may agree on jointly financing the wedding. But before setting the details for the budget, you may ask both your families if they are planning, or are willing to shoulder, any portion of the expenses. For instance, your parents or his parents may finance the wedding reception, the clothes or your wedding dress, whichever they can afford to cover. Your friends may also agree to pay for the rings or the flowers and so on.

Once you have taken into consideration which parts of the budget are going to be shouldered by family and friends, set the overall budget now for the rest of the wedding expenses. Ideally, a $20k wedding will conveniently cover every detail. But you and your fiancé may find this too much if you want to exercise frugality early on in your marriage. Be that as it may, you should reach a compromise and avoid arguing over the budget, as it will not be a healthy start of your relationship.

After determining how much you can afford to spend on the wedding, construct a financial worksheet of the wedding costs. But in doing this, be realistic, and as much as possible try to put little mark ups on the distribution of the budget to make way for adjustments later on.

If you are in a quandary, and you worry that you might overspend for the wedding, try seeking the opinion of others. The best persons to consult in this matter are those who recently got married. For sure you have friends and relatives who just tied the knot, so don't hesitate to interview them as to how they went through their own budget in their weddings. Of course, wedding plans and costs vary on a case-to-case basis, but by asking newly married couples, you will have a bird's eye view on how a wedding budget is actually spent. Besides, you may gather some tips also about the best deals in the purchases that you need to make for the wedding.

Getting married on a budget can be frustrating sometimes. There are things you may want to include in your wedding that you are forced to pass up because of budget constraints. Yet if you are wise, creative and flexible, you can make your wedding worth every dollar you spend.


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