How To Set a Wedding Table

The big day has arrived and it's time to set up the reception. This can be a daunting task if you've never done it before. However, setting a wedding table is not as difficult or challenging as it may first appear. Follow these simple step-by-step instructions and you'll be setting a wedding table the way the pros do!

  1. The first step should be gathering all your table linens that are needed including tablecloths and napkins. Check that they are color coordinated and ironed to create the most elegant look. Lay all tablecloths and place napkins aside until step two.
  2. Second, place a plate at each seat. Check to be sure all plates are clean and chip-free. You'll want to put your best foot forward and no one will want to eat off a dirty plate! Place napkins on top of the plate in the center.
  3. The next step to setting your wedding table will be to place the cutlery. This is an important step and extra care should be taken to ensure proper placement. Each place setting should contain 2 forks: 1 large dinner fork and 1 smaller salad fork. The dinner fork should be placed adjacent to the plate and the salad fork should be placed on the outside of the setting next to the dinner fork. Both forks are to be placed to the left of the dinner plate. To the right of the plate, place your butter knife (blade facing in towards the plate) and spoon. If you are in need of a soup spoon, place this on the outside of the setting to the right of the teaspoon.
  4. The bread and butter plate should be placed above the forks, slightly left of the dinner plate.
  5. Stemware is another important part of the wedding table setting. From right to left, above the spoon, place the red wine glass, white wine glass and then water glass. Each should be placed slightly higher than the first, creating a slight diagonal appearance.
  6. If the wedding calls for seat assignments, place cards should be centered above the dinner plate.
  7. The last step in setting a wedding table is to add the centerpieces. For round and oval tables, centerpieces should be place in the center of the table for all guests to enjoy. If using rectangular tables, you will want to place several centerpieces spaced evenly across the length of the table. The number of centerpieces needed will vary depending on amount of tables being used and size and shape of each table.

Once you have completed the above steps you should have an elegant, chic and correctly set wedding table. Your guests will be able to enjoy their meal and you can be assured they will enjoy your wedding!


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