How To Set Up Special Children's Catering for Your Wedding

Special catering for children are cost effective and such a stress reliever for all engaged couples that are worried on paying for a full adult plate for all children attending their wedding. This is why setting up a catering service for children would be perfect for this kind of dilemma. So instead of making sure that there should be no kids attending your wedding (which often causes so many problems with the guests due to lack of babysitters), you can now freely welcome all children without having to worry about overcharged fees and the like. Read on and discover how to set up a special children’s catering for your beautiful wedding day.

  1. Look for a caterer that can provide you with the best cuisines for adults but they can also give you special kids’ menu for all children attending. Not all catering companies do this kind of service so make sure that this is one of the first questions that you ask them before going through the motion of checking their various menu and packages during the interview. Immediately let go all caterers who do not have special children’s catering service.
  2. As soon as you have chosen a caterer for your wedding, start discussing with them about the kind of food that they will be serving for the kids. It is important that you it should be at least half the price of the adult food that will be served. If you are speaking with a really good caterer, he will suggest a children’s party menu that usually consist of spaghetti, fries and soda or just order a bunch of Happy Meals from the nearest McDonalds. These are inexpensive and fun meals that can be appreciated and fully enjoyed by all children!
  3. If your caterer is planning to create his own personal menu for kids, make sure that you discuss a child-friendly menu for the reception. Think about French fries with different dipping sauce, cheese sticks and chicken fingers. If you are doing an outdoor reception, you can have a picnic nook for kids (you can even set up a playground for an added effect) that consists of hamburgers, hot dogs and the like.
  4. To make things orderly and less confusing, separate the catering table that serves food for kids from the one that is serving food for adults. You can even have the caterer create a miniature wedding cake for the children’s table. Serving little cupcakes, ice creams and assorted fruits as desserts would be perfect for them as well.

There are several benefits that you can find when following these amazing steps. You can also apply this when you are doing an informal wedding or event with homemade food. Also, the inexpensive food that children love to eat will replace the pricier adult finger foods. However, be very careful with the alcoholic drinks. Make sure that they are well away and out of reach from the kids. Good luck and have fun!


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