How To Sew a Wedding Dress Bustle

Weddings nowadays are becoming more and more expensive. Couples-to-be do not just have to be spiritually, mentally and emotionally prepared. They should also be financially ready to shoulder all wedding expenses. But if you are working under a tight budget, there are ways you can do to lessen the expenses, like, if you are the bride, working on your wedding gown. If your gown needs repair, particularly adjustments through bustles, forget about going to the designer to have it done. Do the wedding dress bustles yourself. Below are ways on how to do it.

  1. Finalize the kind of bustle you want. There are a number of bustles available for you. The level of difficulty in doing it varies depending on its kind. If you are a beginner, or if this is your first time to do a wedding bustle, just stay on the basic to avoid complicated execution.
  2. Decide where the bustle buttons will be placed. Go at the back of your gown and determine where you would place the bustle buttons. You might need 2 to 4 buttons depending on your gown. These buttons will be placed at the seam of the gown. Once the spots are determined, mark it and be sure it is even.
  3. See where the buttons attach to the skirt. In order to do this, will need a friend's assistance for you will have to wear the gown in this process. Ask her to place a safety pin the skirt's middle part to the lower part of the bodice so you can check where the hem ends. See to it that the hem falls just right, not too high nor too low.
  4. Take it off and see where the pin has been placed. Once you got the right location of the pin, take off the dress and detach the bodice and skirt. But make sure that the pin stays in the skirt because this will serve as a mark. Ensure that the areas marked with pins are in the right level. Finalize how many bustle points will be used. Two or four points of bustle will be good if you are using four buttons. Then two points for two buttons.
  5. Mark the bustle points. Once you have the bustle points, mark them with pins and make sure that they are all in even spacing. At this point, you may adjust the bustle button points and mark it with pins until you are satisfied with the way the skirt hangs. At best, play bustle points around to see which set-up is better for your skirt. Once it is final, you can sew the buttons to their proper places. Alternatively, if buttons do not appeal your fashion side, you may use hooks instead of buttons.
  6. Add ribbons in the bustle points. Once the buttons or hooks are already in place, you can add the ribbon. Hand-stitching the ribbon would be helpful to make it less visible once the bride is already wearing the skirt. Once done, set the loops and the hooks or buttons to the get the preferred fall.

Doing your own wedding dress bustles is just one of the many ways on how you can save money for your wedding expenses. Just be patient and you will surely get the right fit for your wedding dress.


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