How To Sew Decorative Beads on a Wedding Veil

One way to lessen your expenses in wedding is to personally do some parts of your wedding dress, specifically the wedding veil. If you have purchased a wedding dress, or even if it was particularly done for you by a designer, and you feel like adding colors to it through minor adjustments, just do it yourself to avoid extra expenses for having others do it. A good example is when you want to add decorative beads to your wedding veil to add glamour to it.

  1. Prepare your veil and the beads that you will use. First thing you need to do is to prepare the wedding veil and the beads that you will use. Place the veil of a flat and clean surface, preferably on your bed. Once it is in place, scatter the beads that you have chosen in the veil. The idea here is to randomly place the beads all over.
  2. Prepare the needle and thread. Once the beads and veils are in place, prepare the needle by threading it with double thread. Secure it with a knot at the end. When done, place the needle upward from under the veil. Place it through a first bead. Then push the needle back toward the underside of the veil. Once this is done, tie the thread and make a knot at the underside of the veil just under the bead, and then cut the excess thread. Adding a drop of fray check on the knot would help strengthening it.
  3. Repeat the previous step in all the beads. Do exactly the same thing to all other beads you have scattered. Change the veil's position if it is necessary.
  4. If you want to put a design or a pattern to the veil's beads, start by making a design. What have been shown in the previous steps are beads scattered, without any particular design. If you want to add color to your veil by adding pattern or design, start by sketching the pattern on a piece of paper. Pattern here refers on how you want the beads to be positioned in the veil.
  5. Get a tissue of the same size as the veil. Once you have the design, get a tissue paper of the size similar to the veil. Then sketch the design in the tissue paper using a pencil so errors can easily be erased and changed.
  6. Put the tissue paper under the veil. When the pattern has already been sketched at the tissue, place it under the veil. Pin it to prevent misalignment. Place the beads following the pattern you have placed under the veil and then sew the beads including the tissue paper. Once you are done, you can remove the tissue paper by ripping it out.

You may do some minor repairs and adjustments to your wedding dress. You do not have to contract services of designers or tailors to do it for you, which may entail additional expenses for both you and your husband-to-be. This is not wise especially if you are in a tight budget. Decorating you veil with beads would be fun. Just follow these simple steps and you will never get lost.


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