How To Sexually Attract Women

Do not hate the player, hate the game. Players can get with women you can only dream about. These girls are so hot that all you could do is wish you could score with these hot babes. The greatest players in history can score at will and we can only hope to be close to these great lovers in history. Men like Casanova, Don Juan de Marco and even the Marquis de Sade.

Picking up women is an art form in itself. However if you try to do it and you do not sexually attract a woman, then you are in danger of making yourself look like a fool. Light up the fires in her loins and help yourself to the bounty in front of you.

If you can sexually attract women when you have your A game, then we have your back. That is what we have planned for you. We will teach you how to sexually attract women and increase the likelihood of scoring.

You can have her at hello. Before you can sexually attract women, you must master the art of the approach. The first impression lasts so it is important to make a good one. One way you can make a good impression and sexually attract women is by being confident. Not an easy task when your nerves are acting up. Take a deep breath and relax. Once you relax, you should be able to truly shine.

Think about what you want to say. Find out how you want to approach this person. Do you want to go balls in and go directly to your point? If that is your strategy, then you can say something like “Hi. I saw you from the other end of the room and I wanted to get to know the woman behind the face”. The direct approach establishes that you have confidence but it does raise her defenses.

If you want to slip by her shields, then you can try to do it through the indirect approach. You will need a buddy with you for this to work. Start by instigating an argument with your friend. Make sure she hears the argument to the point that she would react. Say something like “Women don’t lie more than men”. Make sure you cast yourself in a good light. If she does not react, go ahead and ask her opinion on the subject. Just remember to stay away from taboo subjects.

Limit your contact. Maintaining an air of mystery is important in sexually attracting women. When you limit your contact to three minutes at a time, you show the best side of you and more importantly hide the bad parts of your personality. You do not want to lower your value.

Keep eye contact. Women believe that the eyes are the windows to one’s soul. You can use that knowledge to sexually attract women. Keep continuous eye contact with a friendly smile. If you have piercing eyes, you can melt her heart with this simple technique.

Great job!!! You now have the skills to sexually attract women. All you can do at this point is be the greatest pickup artist that you can be. Just remain safe and have fun. Those are the rules you have to live by. Other than that, it a no holds barred pickup contest. Game on!


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