How To Show Appreciation For Your Girlfriend

Flowers, chocolate, money, and a great movie are all things that most girls like from their beau. However, if you are trying to impress a sophisticated, goal-oriented businesswoman, then you're going to have to step up your suave.

If she is a working woman the first thing she needs when she gets home is a hug. Hugs heal, whether she had a bad day or a good day. Second, a working lady needs to eat. This isn't to say you have to cook all the time, but something good to eat already prepared and making the house smell great when she gets home is a wonderful thing. Third, pretty is pain. Don't know what I'm talking about? Her feet. In a professional job the right shoes have to be worn with the right outfit and most of the time after two hours all a woman wants is to take off those pretty pumps but she can't. Needless to say, her feet hurt before the end of the day comes. If you lack skill at giving foot messages either start practicing or start paying for her to get one.

Let's review. Flowers, chocolate, money and movies are great, but hugs, food, and foot massages are even better. Sometimes the smallest things count the most.

Maybe your girlfriend doesn't work at all. Maybe she stays home and take care of things. She needs love too. She needs attention and dedication. Sometimes spending more time with her out side of the home is a way to give her that attention she may be craving. Listen to her and what she did that day. Don't assume because she does not work that she doesn't have stress of her own. Please don't bring your work home. What happens at work will be there when you return.

Try to find activities to do such as taking a walk in the park or mountain climbing together. Have sex in a hot bath. She's been at home thinking about you all day. Call her before you shut down or stop whatever it is that you're doing at work and give her a phone call to set the mood. Tell her: "I'll be home in twenty minutes; and that gives you fifteen minutes to choose a room, time and place to make love." This helps her get mentally ready for you when you come home. Afterward, give her a massage and pamper her in any way you can think of. Own the moment.


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