How To Spot a Bad Guy

You will tend to encounter different people wherever you go. These people will come form all walks of life. Some will be affluent. Some will not be so lucky. It’s often difficult to read what’s on a person’s mid. Nonetheless, people often categorize individuals they meet as either a good guy or a bad guy.

Spotting a bad guy is quite a difficult task. Individuals often try to portray a positive personality, to enhance their public image.  Take for example a celebrity or a politician. A politician will most likely be at his best come election time. But you never know if that person is an honest civil servant or a corrupt official when he’s already in office.

Watch out for habits. Habits might be an indicator of whether someone is good or bad. However, there are no black-and-white standards. For example, some might see smoking as a habit of bad guys, while some will regard it as normal. So, how do you distinguish a good guy from a bad guy?

Deeply know the person. Before engaging into a relationship with someone else (whether as friends or a romantic one), you must first know the person deeply. Know his real intentions by learning relevant things. For instance, what does he do for a living? What’s his family background? Answers to these questions will help you dig deep down into someone’s personality, so you can easily decide if he is a really worthy for you as a friend or a partner.

Observe his behavior. You must be very keen on the actions of other people. This way, you will see their real personality. For example, if he gets easily angry even with minor mistakes, he likely has a tendency to be manipulative, violent and abusive. If that is the case, it is a wise decision to stay away from him.

Be mindful of his vices. A person’s vices are signs that he is not capable enough to discipline himself. Vices like smoking and drinking are not good to one’s health, and experts advise against these. While alcohol and smoking are not bad things in themselves, it’s abuse and addiction that can lead one to act badly. What can you expect from a person who does not know how to take care of himself?

Search for a criminal record. See for yourself if the person has a criminal record. If one breaks the law once in his life, it could be an indication that he might commit crime again. A history of breaking the law supports the idea that one has the predisposition to do the same thing again in the future. You never know—you might be a victim if you choose not to stay away.

Although people have different standards in terms of spotting a bad guy, there are universally accepted standards in distinguishing someone good from someone bad. Be particular with a person’s actions, behavior and background. Try to find out more about someone. It will help you decide and discover if that person is truly good or bad.


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