How To Spot a Lesbian Affair

Two lesbians on a date

Your partner has been working late a lot of nights lately, and seems to be unavailable for long chats when you call them at work or on their cell.  Maybe cell phone bills have been disappearing, or her phone is no longer lying around when she comes home.  Possibly your gut is just telling you something's not right in your relationship anymore, or you're noticing subtle personality and/or grooming changes in your mate.  Should this be the case, it might be time to consider if there's an affair going on.  Even if you're not on the jilted side of the love affair, you should be able to recognize the signs of spotting a lesbian affair.

A woman doesn't have to be in a relationship exclusively with another woman to be a lesbian; there are plenty of instances where a woman is a lesbian, but feels she should give it a try with a man to be politically correct.  And affairs don't just happen in different sex relationships; anytime two people are committed to each other, there's the chance for a misstep to happen.  First and foremost, a woman involved in an affair will have an attitude change, however subtle it may be.  She might have more confidence, or a brighter sense of humor, seeming to always wake up on the right side of the bed.  You will be able to notice this whether the lesbian involved is a sexual partner, family friend, co-worker or relative.  Change in behavior is an identifying factor that something might be going wrong in a relationship.

Aside from attitude change, two women involved in a lesbian affair will go to great lengths to make it seem like nothing is out of the ordinary.  If the lesbians are friends in a large circle, they might greet each other casually in group settings.  Should they be co-workers or are involved in a day-to-day routine, there might be extended or more frequent eye contact with each other, as they are trying to be sly and not be noticed.  There might be casually touching or brushing against each other, or more frequent reasons to visit or get together, under the premise of shopping trips or helping a friend, per se.

There might even be an instance where the two women are involved intimately in a setting they think they won't be noticed, like kissing in an alleyway, or in a bathroom.  No mistake will be made when happening upon this circumstance that the women involved are lesbians, perhaps in an affair with straight men, especially if the men are well-known to you, or are in the vicinity.  No matter who is involved, an affair can be emotionally damaging to all parties involved.


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