How To Spot Clues that He Likes You

Relationship matters are often frustratingly bewildering, leaving you confused, anxious and even insecure. But you do not have to be in the dark when it comes to men. Yes, you've been "hanging out" a lot.  Yes, he calls you often and makes you feel special. And yet, you still find yourself wondering, "Does he like me?" If you're waiting for him to utter the answer you wish to hear, be prepared to wait. Men are usually ill-equipped to verbally communicate matters of emotion.

However, do not despair. Their actions are often tell-tale signs of what's underneath. You just need to decode his signals and you'll surely get a glimpse of what he actually feels. Stop wondering and sharpen your skills in detecting his feelings using the tips below. You might be surprised to discover clues that he likes you.

Next time you're with him, sit back and relax. Anxiety only prevents you from seeing the subtle actions you're looking for. This will often be the most difficult part of the process, especially if you really like him. However, you need to maintain a level-head and keep you cool. A clear mind is essential in your current quest.

Study his Body Language.  A man who likes you normally leans towards you and rarely turns his back. Check if he's pointing his shoulders or pelvis towards you. If he is, that is a definite a hint of interest. When talking to him, try to catch signs of uneasiness such as sweaty palms, constant fidgeting and nervous laughter. A man trying to impress a woman he likes often show signs of apprehension.

Listen to what he says.  If he likes you, your conversations will often focus on you and your interests. He will barrage you with questions and downplay topics involving other people. He might share some things about him too, but he will always emphasize on things you have in common. That is his way of assuring you that you are compatible.

Note his eye contact.  Be sensitive to the frequency and length of his glances. If a man likes you, he will either try to catch your attention and hold eye contact or look away quickly once you've caught his glance. When he is saying something important or funny, try to notice if he takes time to glance at you and check your reaction.

Be conscious of touching and proximity. Take time to notice how closely he sits and stands beside you. If you can, try to move about the room inconspicuously to check if he will follow you. A man who likes you also tends to put his arm around you, place his hand on your arm or back when he laughs or hug for the simplest reason.

Watch how he treats other girls and check if he treats you differently. Sometimes a man will ignore you and give his attention to one or two other girls. Do not panic, it could just be his way of getting your attention.

Be sensitive if he's showing extra attention and interest. Does he notice the little changes you do with your appearance that no one else does? If he does, then he is definitely giving more thought that he does anybody else. A man who likes you will shower you with complements and special unsolicited favors. If he consistently offers to walk you home, buy you a cup of coffee or help you in an errand at random, you can be certain that he definitely likes you.

Pay attention to his friends. Try to notice if there are meaningful glances thrown between them. If his friends are quite playful, they will tend to tease and drop sly statements pertaining to his feelings. Be sensitive to their conversations and body language. A meaningful smile, a quick glance or an unintended slip of words from his friends may give you the assurance you are looking for.

Following the tips above may be difficult at first, but when you use them consistently, you will discover how easy and effective they are. Remember, dating need not be so nerve-wrecking. Once you've mastered the art of decoding a man, maneuvering in the dating world will be a walk in the park.


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