How To Spot Fake Online Dating Profiles

How many times have you cleared your schedule to make way for blind dates in the hope of meeting Mr. Right and end up not finding the right guy?

Many people do experience this. But there is a way that some people have tried to find someone and ended up with better odds. They happened to cross paths with Mr. Right through online dating.

How do you differentiate between your options for which potential mate offers an authentic profile and who among them is a fraud?

Here are some ways to know:

  1. If you can afford it, go for a website that requires membership rather than the free sites. People are more committed if there are finances involved. More often than not, the people who paid for online dating are professionals and are looking for a serious and committed partner. Only a few will join these sites for fun alone unless they have a lot of money to waste and have nothing to lose.
  2. Do not hesitate to confirm the information given. Check how close to your ideal profile the person you are eyeing is. Sometimes, they hide their original identity to feel safe. Always check for consistency in the information your intended match gives. Try to match your values, priorities, and opinions with that person's. If you start feeling uncomfortable, try other options.
  3. Verify by asking questions. Find ways to confirm age, background and important characteristics he has given. Randomly ask the same questions that have been given online to determine truthfulness. For example, age can be determined by his education and work history.
  4. Be confident in asking about his point of view and opinions about certain topics. Be on your guard if he doesn't show interest. You can also consider his tone and how he communicates. His personality and character will soon emerge.
  5. Ask yourself questions like: Is my match holding back on opportunities to meet on cam or personally? Am I put on hold most of the time? Am I left with hanging questions repeatedly or are my questions often answered?
  6. Dare to talk about bad habits and things you may not like about each other. This way not only do you confirm character but find out if he has a history of fooling people.

Any sign of inconsistency and hesitation in revealing information is a sign of fraud. Follow your gut feeling, and do not be blinded by a good looking face or an ideal profile. If your intended match is serious, he/she should be comfortable in being open to letting you know both his/her good and bad traits.

If you still failed to spot a fake right away, stop the communication once you get the slightest confirmation the person is a fraud.


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