How To Stay Current with Toy Recalls

Recent toy recalls have made parents nervous about what they are buying for their children. How do you know which toys are safe? Who would have thought that Aqua Dots could endanger a child's life? How can you make sure that your child is only playing with toys that do not contain lead or any other harmful components? Luckily, there are a few sure-fire ways to stay on top of toy recalls.

  1. Listen to news on the radio. Listening to radio news while you're driving may alert you to recall information, although it does not always focus on issues like toy recalls. However, if you are already driving or commuting, it takes no extra time to listen to the news.
  2. Watch the news. Television cable news is more likely to focus on issues like Christmas shopping and toy recalls, but will usually only feature current recalls. However, in their reports, television news stations will often include telephone numbers to organizations that can offer more information.
  3. Check the newspapers. Some newspapers have a recalled goods section that might appear periodically, often once a week, which can help you keep on top of recalls. This will vary with different newspapers, so you will want to contact your local paper to find out when it has these listings.
  4. Check parenting-focused websites. Many parenting group websites or other sites that cater to parents will list information about toy recalls.
  5. Check the US Consumer Product Safety Commission website. This is a great way of keeping up-to-date on toy recalls that seem to happen on a daily basis nowadays. On their site, the US CPSC lists all toy recalls and updates the list constantly with the most recent recalled toys at the top. On the main recalls page, you'll not only see a link to the toy recall list, but you can also search the site by a toy's name. You can get information about why a toy was recalled, which may give you more information about choosing toys in the future.
  6. Call the US Consumer Product Safety Commission. By calling the US CPSC hotline at 1-800-638-2772, you can get information about recalled toys, as well as other recalled products.
  7. Contact the European Consumer Centre Network. This organization offers information about toys made in, purchased in, or shipped from Europe, and may also have information about toys from the US.

Depending on which medium of communication is easiest for you, you might be checking periodically or only when you buy new toys. No matter what, your child's safety is definitely worth the small time investment that it will take to get this information!


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