How To Stay Faithful to Your Spouse

In today’s modern time, marriages are prone to divorce. The primary reason for breaking up is unfaithfulness on either side of the couple. Indeed, being faithful to your marriage and to your spouse is not that easy. Yet below are simple tips to stay faithful to your spouse.

  • Start with trust. Make an agreement to trust each other genuinely. You have to trust your spouse as she puts trusts in you too. If trust is lost, your relationship suffers and there is a great chance for your marriage to slip away. This will inevitably lead to your infidelity or your partner’s.  
  • Tell good stories about your spouse. Whenever you’re with your peers or colleagues, tell good stuff about your spouse and about your marriage. Tell them that you don’t have any intention of being unfaithful to your spouse. If anyone wants to make an advance towards you, immediately turn her down firmly. Do not be passive with your answer.
  • Never be in a situation where you will end up bad. Never be with a person whom you know from the beginning can be very tempting. If you are to go with someone who you feel attracted to, always bring with you your spouse.
  • Keep away from alcohol and prohibited drugs. These will ultimately change your thinking and lower down your inhibitions. The more you get away from them, the higher the chance that you’ll not be unfaithful to your spouse.
  • Accept the fact that you’re no longer single. Because you are already married, you have a responsibility not common when you are still single. Now, you have a partner who you are committed to take care and to be concerned with. Definitely, this is an excellent step to stay faithful.
  • Be honest to your spouse. Whatever the situation or the circumstance, you need to tell nothing but the truth. Even a minor incident of someone advancing to you, tell it honestly to your spouse. Never leave her wondering that you still have secrets untold to her no matter how small. 
  • Never forget your vows with each other. If there are times that you feel you are all alone, that you only have yourself in your relationship or that you feel that your marriage is getting cold, always remember your promises with each other in front of the church or the law. With this, you will have no chance to think of being with someone other than your spouse.
  • Think about the endless consequences. As the law suggests, “In every action, there is an equal or stronger reaction.” As you become unfaithful, different and endless consequences will arise. Your wife will leave you and take your children away with her. The children will definitely suffer. They will be confused and bothered physically and emotionally. Whatever consequences you will think, they will always be bad, bad to you, to your spouse, to your kids and to everyone who is part of your relationship and marriage.

With all of these simple tips, there will be no chance of being unfaithful to your spouse. You can ensure that your relationship and your marriage will be better and stronger as time goes by...


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