How To Stimulate a Woman's Body Verbally

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If you look like John Mayer you could actually sing "Your Body Is a Wonderland" and would surely entice any woman out there. But sadly not every one of us could sound or look like John Mayer. In reality, most men find it difficult to understand women enough to stimulate them verbally.

But does it really need to be a hit or miss scenario for every guy? No. What you need is patience and confidence to understand it all. Here are several key steps to follow in order to increase the chances.

  1. The Mood. Setting the tone is essential for things to get exciting. Create an ambience that would charm her mood all day. But bear in mind that women would normally take their time to get worked up for this thing. So capitalize on what is on at hand. Care for her as much as possible, do the dishes, pick-up the kids, be the gentleman of the house and things of the sort. These little things build up the atmosphere of caring with your loved one. You could check whether you're on the right track generally by the way she smiles. If she smiles all day, you might just be a lucky man.
  2. The Sweet Talk. This goes hand in hand with setting up the mood. Praise her even for the slightest thing that she. Acknowledge every effort she makes whether at home or at her work. Tell her words of appreciation and gratitude. Express every known words of flattery at your own disposal, but make sure that it must seem fittingly as the situation requires.
  3. The Weakness. Every woman is conscious about her looks, figure and body. It is also not new that most men find it hard to deal with this topic - as most men would even try to evade this as much as possible. But to propose a better alternative, why not turn the tides and make her weakness into something positive. Tease her a bit but don't forget to compliment on how charming she really looks or how you love every inch of her body.
  4. The Game Plan. Sharing your game plan later this evening to your partner on the wrong note could spell trouble. So read the moment and have all the timing set before attempting this. If it's all set, you could help her visualize a preview on how you would rock her world - literally. Women are also stimulated by this kind of talk, a bit dirty but seemingly fit to do the job.
  5. The Cues. Establishing the verbal cues should be easier at this moment. As you stimulate her with your words, you can mix in a little sense of touch to even arouse her more. It could be through a gentle stroke in the hair, a small hug or a soft kiss to her neck. And when you get the go signal at this point, you know you're in for a good time.

It's all easier said than done. But tonight, may you be singing, "Your Body Is a Wonderland."


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