How To Stop a Child Procrastinating

Procrastination is an act of delaying something that a person should be doing at a certain time. This action is quite common for adults. It usually begins in the crucial stages of child development when he is being molded by his parents and his surroundings. Without constant guidance, discipline and reminders from right and wrong, it can develop into a habit that can negatively affect social relationships and job performances throughout adulthood. Your child is procrastinating when you see the following behavior every single day:  he does not respond immediately when being called; he always wakes up late for school; he often sets his homework and chores aside for playing or watching TV. So what should you do to stop your kid from dillydallying?  Read on to learn more.

  • Be a role model. You should know that at this very young age, your child is literally like a sponge.  This means your kid has this innate need to copy whatever he sees or hears. As a parent, it is important that you set a good example. Always do what you said you are going to do and show your child that you value your time by not being late and by keeping and sticking to a daily schedule. This way, your child can easily take your lead by behaving exactly how you conduct yourself.
  • Time equals responsibility. Teach your child about the importance of time by patiently explaining how being late will give him a lot of problems and how getting things done early and on time can make his life so much easier. It is extremely important that he understands that the only way he can successfully value his time is by being responsible. If not, he will be punished through the consequences of his actions. Make sure this lesson is instilled in your child’s mind, heart and soul.
  • Lessons should be learned. Let your child experience the negative outcome of his actions. Letting your child get away with his irresponsibility will only encourage him to procrastinate more hence, he will never learn. This step can be very difficult for you to deal with especially when you see your child suffering but you have to understand that the only way he will learn is through his own mistakes.
  • Immediately address the problem. If you see your child procrastinating, make sure that you quickly reprimand him for it. It is crucial that your kid knows the reason why you got upset with him. Be very clear that you do not encourage his behavior. If you already taught him about the meaning of time and responsibility, ask him what his mistake was and what he should do to correct it. This will help your child realize and become aware of all his faults. To further ensure that he never forgets, set some ground rules. Just make sure that you are very strict with it!

This behavioral problem can easily be solved by being firm on your stand against procrastinating, by being strict with your rules and by constantly giving your child reminders about the value of time and the importance of being responsible. If your kid is needlessly stalling or delaying something, just start following these tips to immediately break and change his demeanor. Good luck!


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