How To Stop a Verbally Abusive Husband

Also called "reviling," a verbal abuse is a type of abusive demeanor that involves oral and written communication. The person usually uses a lot of profanity and curses that are directly addressed to the victim. There are a lot of cases where married couples undergo this very difficult situation wherein the husband starts to verbally abuse his wife. This can lead to serious health and mental problems such as depression, loss of self-worth, anemia and insomnia (due to lack of sleep), anorexia (due to loss of appetite), suicidal tendencies and a lot more. This can be a nerve racking experience that can deeply scar any person emotionally. There are ways for you to stop your husband verbally abusing you. Here's how.

1. Love yourself. Most women who have a verbally abusive husband tend to lose their self-worth, often degrading themselves all the way to the bottom in an alarmingly fast rate. A good indication of this is:

  • You think that you deserve this kind of treatment.
  • You believe that it is your fault.
  • You believe that you are useless and that you cannot do anything right.
  • You strongly think that your husband do this because he loves you.
  • You believe all the vulgar and offending things that your spouse says to you.
  • You want to kill yourself.
  • This is your karma from all the things that you have done in the past.
  • You isolate yourself from your friends and family.
  • You do not say what you really feel out of fear.

These thoughts are extremely poisonous to anyone's mind. Be strong and get a grip of yourself! You will be stuck forever in this situation if you keep on thinking how worthless you are. You are not worthless and you do not deserve this! As soon as you start valuing yourself, you will see things clearer.

2. Learn to be rational. As soon as you start loving yourself, thinking with your mind not through your emotions will be easier to do. In order to solve this problem, it is very important that you know what causes it. However, you will not be able to do this when you are being illogical and emotional. Anger will never solve anything. So if your husband can't control it, make sure that you can.

3. Communicate! Try to talk to your spouse about this problem. Be very calm and keep your voice low to show him that you are not mad nor threatening him with anything. You just want to know what's going on. Be factual at all times. Most men find this method easier to deal with mainly because you are being logical not emotional. Open yourself to your husband without being mentally unstable. Strip away the pride and just focus on each other's concerns. Once you have identified the cause, do something about it by meeting in the middle.

4. Get some backup. If all else fails, contact your family or friends and ask for help.

You need to be strong and determined in order for you to successfully pull these steps off. Remember, do not hesitate and never be afraid to seek help from your family and friends. They will be able to give you the emotional support that you so need. It is essential that you do not let the verbal abuse from happening over and over again. If not, this will most likely intensify to physical abuse, which can lead to fatal results. Have faith. Things will soon go your way. Good luck!


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