How To Stop Being Single

Oh yes... it's another friends's wedding. The ladies start shopping while men get their suits ready. At the wedding, you hear the mothers talking about who recently married who. Your other married friends, who are now pregnant, are talking about motherhood. Their husbands are all blushing with happiness. You walk away to get some fresh air until some long lost friends find you in your solitude. They ask you how you're doing, and all that jazz. But they never miss hitting the topic you hate the most: being single.

People don't hesitate in asking if you are married or not, and if not, they usually follow up with the question, "How come you're still single?" You often get annoyed every time members of your family, relatives, neighbors, officemates, friends from school, and friends from church pressure you to settle down because you are not getting any younger. You hear your mom constantly wishing she could have a grandchild from you.

It's like the whole universe is against you, and you have no clue how to stop it. Well, check out the following tips and hints on how to change this curse-like phenomenon into a romantic fairy tale!

  • Pray about it. You can't just keep whining about being in the world of the forever singles! Ask for guidance and for the right person to come your way.
  • Love yourself. Eat a balanced diet. Have an adequate amount of rest. Drink lots of fluids. Exercise on a regular basis. Treat yourself from time to time. Find a job that you are passionate about. Get yourself the things that you like. Have time to slow down and chill out. Try your best to be undisturbed. Always think positively and try your best to enjoy life. Having a sense of healthy well-being attracts a lot of people.
  • Treat everyone fairly. Establish your image by making your character a constant one. Don't just be helpful, kind and awesome to one person and then be a horrible person at the same time to everyone else. People talk and the person bound to be the love of your life might just be the victim of your bad aura.
  • Socialize more often. You can't stay in a cage forever. You can't focus on just one person, especially if that person never ever showed any interest in you. You are NOT living in a movie plot. The lead role (that's you) and the leading lady/guy in your dreams may not always be the same match in real life.
  • Keep yourself mentally equipped. Constantly keep updated with current events, the newest in technology, medicine, politics, cars, and everything that you can read about. Read newspapers, magazines and online news articles. Listen to the radio or watch the news. You never know, you may bump into someone who also knows a lot.
  • Don't forget to smile. No matter how perfect you look, or how intelligent or rich you are, it won't be complete without your sincere smile. Never sport a fake smile. It's what you wear from ear to ear, and not from head to toe, that matters.
  • Know your manners. Try to brush up by reading magazines or online articles about proper etiquette. So in case you need to eat at a fancy restaurant, or go to a formal party at a prestigious hotel, you will definitely blend.
  • Be balanced, but still be you. Forget whatever strategy you were doing before. Reset everything and reprogram yourself. Be a little aggressive yet a little conservative. Be tougher, yet give a touch of gentleness. Put some mystery into your persona, but don't keep everything about you in a box forever. Make people talk about you, but not in full detail. Keep them talking just enough about you to lure people into your web. People say, being naughty and nice equals twice the spice!
  • Don't be too independent. Convince people that you are a person who needs people. Being too tough, too strong, and too complete, scares people away.


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