How To Stop Fighting

Do you and your girlfriend spend more time fighting than you do talking? Do you avoid going home so you don't have to rehash the same old argument? If so, there are ways that you can repair your relationship and stop fighting. Follow these steps to get back on track with your girl.

  1. Weigh your options. Before you begin any argument, stop for three seconds to consider your options. Ask yourself - Do I need to be right? What am I fighting for? Is this fight worth breaking up over? Just by pausing and asking these questions, you might notice the steam falling out of your temper and your need to argue.
  2. Be honest about your needs. Stop expecting your partner to be a mind reader. You cannot hint your way through a relationship. Instead be upfront about what you want and need from the relationship. She is just as likely to be confused as you have been. If you need time with the guys or want to watch the game, tell her. Don't make her feel guilty for not knowing you needed the time and space.
  3. Remember why you love her. If you've been fighting with your girl and it needs to end, start thinking about the positives. Take a breath and remind yourself what you love about her. If her strong spine and independent nature are what attracted you to her in the first place, quit holding it against her now. Instead remind yourself of the reasons why you want to stay with her.
  4. Quit arguing over blame. Sometimes all you argue about is who is to blame for the argument. If this is the case for you, it's time for you to realize that you both are to blame. Quit arguing over something so stupid.
  5. Agree to forgive. You don't have to forget the past but if you aren't willing to forgive and move on, you will always be fighting. If you have decided to stay together after an argument or misdeed, then agree to put it behind you and forgive.
  6. Set boundaries to your arguments. When learning to stop fighting, you will still have a few fights. You and your girlfriend will need to practice to find ways to disagree without fighting with each other. Start by setting a time limit for any discussion you think will cause angry feelings. Keep to the limit. When your time is up, walk away from the argument so you can each cool off and come back to the topic later when you are both calm.
  7. Start spending time together in peace. Once you've called a halt to the fighting, you need to reconnect. Find peace in your relationship again by spending some fun time together without fighting.

Relationships can survive fighting. If you notice that fighting is all you seem to do, it might be time to get it under control. Follow these steps to stop fighting with the woman in your life.


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