How To Stop Having Serial Relationships

Serial relationships are a common problem among teenagers.  Amazingly, they are common among some adults, as well. Why are serial relationships so common these days?  The most common reason that people give to explain their serial relationships is a psychological reason.  For example, some people feel utterly bored if they are not in a relationship.  They scamper from one relationship to another, with very little in-between period of singleness, simply because they fear the boredom and the emptiness of being alone.  Other people are even unaware of their habit or pattern of jumping from one relationship to another.  A person, for instance, may enter into a relationship with another, initially believing and convinced that it is love.  Later on, the person realizes that it was all just a case of extreme liking, and so she or he breaks up with the other person.

People have a deep need to love and to be loved.  Many would ever do anything to satisfy this primal need, even if at times they unintentionally get into wrong relationships.  In serial relationships, though, the people involved are caught in a cycle of loving, feeling loved, and breaking up.  It’s basically a series of giddy love affairs that never end with a happy ever after.  Other people serialize their relationships just for the mere fun of it.  Some bitter people enter serial relationships to get back at the rest of the world for the hurt and pain that they experienced with their first unrequited love affair. A few others, though, still do genuinely enter relationships for the sole purpose of hopefully stumbling upon the right one.

Why, then, are many people exhibiting a pattern of short-term relationships?  Nobody knows for certain, although one thing is certain: serial relationships are illusionary and unreal.  Regardless of the reasons and motivations for serial relationships, you can do something to prevent yourself from acquiring the habit.  The following, for example, are sound advice:

  1. Know your priorities. Before you get in to a relationship you should know which should be the first and the right thing to do.  Do you still need to finish your studies? Are you still in the process of look for a stable job or maybe just setting out on your career?
  2. Keep yourself busy.  An idle mind is the devil’s workshop, it is said.  When you keep yourself busy with productive work, you will have little time to ruminate about past hurts.
  3. Wait for the right time before you get into another relationship.  Whether you like it or not, even short-term relationships cause pain when the affair turns sour.  Give yourself time to grieve and heal when your relationship ends and before you move on to the next one.
  4. Seriously examine yourself and your real intentions. Remember, every heart is precious and should be taken care of. So, if you are not so sure about yourself then do not take the risk. Relationships are fun, but they are not made for fun.

Short-term relationships may be fun and may give you a really thrilling ride.  But, when you think more deeply about it, why settle for short-term fun when you can enjoy one that lasts long?


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