How To Stop Jealousy in a Relationship

Jealousy: it's one of the most divisive emotional responses in any relationship. What do you do when your girlfriend won't let go of your past? What do you do when your boyfriend is watching every other guy in the environment? How does one stop jealousy from rearing its ugly, green head? You might be surprised at the answers presented in this article.

One key to jealousy is trust. Without trust, nothing can survive the test of time. But how do you know you can trust him? Well, what makes you think you can't? Unless you take that step, you never will trust. You must tell yourself that, despite past experiences or current fears, there is nothing to warrant distrust. Even if he has betrayed you in the past, forgiveness goes a long way.  Rarely do we consider the fact that when we fail to trust, it can drive our partners to do the very thing we fear.

Another important key to jealousy is our words. I know, you think you've heard this before, but I am going to reveal a new side of this statement that you have not heard. Your choice of words, whether public (in his hearing) or private (away from his hearing) can result in the statement becoming a self-fulfilling prophecy.

A question I ask comes from the belief that God made the earth. I ask you: if God made the earth with the spoken Word, and then made Man in his own image, what does that say about the power of our spoken words?  For example, what happens when I continually go around saying, 'my life sucks'? Even those words create undesirable circumstances that will cause me to say them again.  At some point I have to break the cycle and speak life.  Therefore, I encourage the one I love, denying him any reason to speak death into his life. In this way, I show him that I love him.  Positive words lead to a positive outlook, and positive results. 

This leads to my final approach to stopping jealousy in my relationship: love. Every adult needs to learn how to love. There is a way to love, and if we can learn it, then he will walk over a thousand desirable women to get to us. If you love without hesitation or reservations, and respect and adore your partner in the ways that you expect to be respected and adored, you will create a warm and nurturing relationship that leaves no room for jealousy.


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