How To Stop Missing Someone

6 Steps to Surviving Distance Relationships

When loved ones go away, you might become overwhelmed with the ache of missing them. The wives and girlfriends of soldiers face the pain of missing their loved ones for months. Long distance loves spend as much time missing each other as they ever had together. If you want to stop missing someone and cope with life while waiting for their return, follow these steps.

  1. Give yourself time to miss the person. Recognize that it is natural and normal to miss someone. If you don't miss your loved one, then you might not really love them. What you really want is to keep missing him from controlling your life. So give yourself time to miss him. That first few days after he leaves will be painful but you can get through it if you let yourself cry it out and think about him.
  2. Distract yourself. Work, family even hobbies are great distractions. Volunteer for a new project at the office for a challenging distraction. Try a new hobby such as karate, knitting or softball. Join a team or volunteer to help an organization you care about. Just find something to occupy your mind.
  3. Have fun. Just because your love is living in a different town or serving in a different country doesn't mean your life has to stop or you have to be miserable. Get out of the house and shop with your girlfriends. Remember to have a good time; your love wants you to be happy not miserable.
  4. Remember the good times. You miss your love because you had good times together. Indulge yourself in the memory of those times. Keep photographs of your time together when you can see them. Smile at the good memories.
  5. Get creative to keep in touch. You live in a great time. With modern technology you can keep in touch no matter how far you are from the person. Try email, texting and even video chat to keep contact. Distance relationships have thrived for centuries on the ability to write and receive letters. Through letters you can share the things that matter to you without getting distracted by a physical relationship. Start writing to your love and you might just find there is more depth to your relationship than you expected.
  6. Set a new goal or challenge. Stop missing your love by finding some new focus to your life. Set a goal to get in shape, learn a new language, start a business, run a marathon or take a class. Choose a goal that is personal and challenging. It will distract you and provide something new to talk about when your love returns to your life.

You might be able to stop missing someone who is gone from your space. Distance often destroys relationships but if you try to follow these steps you can stop missing the man and protect your relationship.


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