How To Stop Your Partner from Cheating

When you get into a relationship, it is understandably normal to expect your partner to be honest, truthful, and loyal to you. It’s sort of a pact, a provision of an exclusive relationship. These days, however, infidelity easily creeps into many relationships. When certain needs are left unfulfilled, committed people turn to others to fill in a gaping gap of needs. And the end result is unbearable heartache. The first time cheating happens, you might resort to forgiving your partner on the condition that it will be the first and the last. But if it happens the second, third, and fourth time, the desire to stop your partner from cheating is probably more intense than the desire to forgive him. If that is the case, here are some things you can do to stop your partner from committing infidelity.

  • Find out what makes your partner want to cheat. There certainly are reasons your partner is cheating on you. It can be that there is lacking in your relationship or he just wants to have fun with other girls. Whatever it is, have the heart to identify it. It will hurt to know it, yes, but that is the first step to attempting to stop your partner from cheating.
  • Do something about what you find out. If you already know what makes him want to cheat, act at once to address the triggers. For instance, if he cheats because he doesn’t feel appreciated and loved, start to commend and praise your partner privately and publicly. Men love to be affirmed, and if they don’t get it from their partners, they will most certainly look for other people who can give affirmations.
  • Fan the flame of your love once again. Especially if you have been together long enough, the feelings you had before will somehow dry like a prune, causing either of you to look for some excitement. It’s bad if your partner looks for excitement outside your relationship, which can be the start of infidelity. So before he even thinks of cheating on you, bring the excitement back into your relationship. For instance, have an intensely romantic date, spice up your sexual relationship, or do something you haven’t done before.
  • Improve your physical being. Admit it, men are easily stimulated by what they see. So if you want to get back your partner’s full attention, start reinventing your physical appearance. Invest in new clothes, wear a new hairstyle, or pamper your skin. The thing here is to excite the visual sense of your partner again. It might just be what he is trying to look for. But try not to go overboard. It is okay to try a new fashion style, but make sure it complements your personality.

Finally, avoid threatening your partner. Making threats of leaving him just doesn’t patch things up. In fact, making such a threat can even widen the gap between the two of you and make his cheating worse than it already is. So as much as you can, show your partner how much you love him still that even if his cheating is hurting you, you don’t want to give up on him.


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