How To Succeed with Women at Night Clubs

Night clubs are filled with men and women almost every night, people who are there to have a good time, and possibly to find someone to hook up with. Night clubs provide a good opportunity to meet a lot of women, but how do you succeed at it?

Before we start delving into the topic deeper, however, it must be mentioned that given the volume of people inside these places and the loud music being played, it might not be the perfect place to start a serious connection with anyone - man and woman alike. Thus, be ready for the possibility that the women you're going to meet are just looking for fun, and nothing more.

  • First things first-arrive in style. You have to look good when you get there. You can get easily lost in the crowd, so you must try to stand out. Women have to notice you and appreciate what they're seeing. So dress up and flash that great smile of yours.
  • Choose whom you go to the night club with carefully. Women are usually more wary and careful in night clubs. If you arrive with a noisy and boisterous group of friends, women will probably avoid you like the plague. After all, birds of a feather flock together, or so the saying goes. If, however, you go the night club with a group that appears to be cultured, behaved (but not boring) and friendly, women will probably think that you're just like your friends, and they'll gravitate towards you. If your purpose in going to the night club that night is to hook up with a woman, then better not arrive with other women, even if they're just your friends.
  • Don't get drunk. Drink moderately. You don't want to give the woman you're going to approach the impression that you're just hitting on her because you're not in your right senses. Be sober and act rationally.
  • Conversely, don't approach women who are drunk. Don't insult yourself by hooking up with a woman who won't even remember your name when she wakes up in the morning. Don't stoop so low either, as to take advantage of someone who is not in control of herself. Find someone who's sober enough.
  • Observe the woman you want to meet for some time before actually approaching her. Look at her body language; it will probably give you hints as to if she will be friendly to your advances. If you catch her stealing glances at you several times, or even smiling in your direction, then go for it. She's not oblivious to you, either. Once you've approached her, continue observing her gestures and responses to you. These will give you an idea if she's willing to take the meeting further - and out of the night club.
  • Find a woman who's with a couple of friends only, not someone who's part of a large group. It will be much harder to approach someone with a lot of companions, and you don't want to get embarrassed in front of a lot of girls, in case the woman you've picked reacts negatively to your approach.
  • Make sure that the woman is not there with a date or worse, a boyfriend. Bruises and cuts from a brawl at the night club is the last thing you want to bring home.

So go out there and have fun! Keep your cool and act cool, no matter what happens. Women will find you irresistible if you are in style.


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