How To Support Your Allergy-Prone Child in the Home

Raising a child is not an easy task. Making the home secure by childproofing the home usually takes a lot of time and money. You also need to think about the child’s nutrition and need for attention. What more if the child is allergy prone? You need to do everything possible to avoid her from skin allergies, cough or colds etc. Here are some tips on how to keep your home allergy free.

  1. Regularly clean the house. Dust can accumulate in a surprising rate. Make dusting a regular household chore. Do it each morning, if you could before your child gets up from bed.
  2. Avoid using carpets if you have an allergy prone child. This will not help him at all. Even vacuuming your carpet does not mean that it will be free of allergens. There would still be remaining dust particles or dust mites that could bring your kid into a sneezing frenzy. If you really cannot do away with the carpet then steam cleaning it would be a better idea.
  3. Keeping your windows closed can be a good idea if you live in a state where the climate is cold. However if this cannot be done where you live then make sure you have screened windows and doors. Just keep the windows and doors shut at night.
  4. If it’s your pet that is causing your child’s allergy then make sure that they do stay far away from each other. It might not be an easy decision but some parents let their pets go just to avoid allergy attacks. You could go that route or just keep your pet at a place where it cannot cause any difficulty for your child.
  5. Smoking cannot only cause harm to the smoker but to people around him as well. So keep that lit cigarette away from your child. Smoke as far away as possible, or better yet stop smoking altogether.
  6. Change your bed sheets frequently. These can collect allergy inducing dirt and dust. You can buy those anti allergen sheets. That would be something you can spend good money on.
  7. Always clean your child’s toys. Set a schedule to wash toys at least once a week. Keep them in air tight containers to keep them as dust free as possible. These are the things she always touches so make sure it’s safe for her.
  8. Use a child friendly fabric detergent and conditioner. Buy those that will not be an irritant to your child’s skin or breathing. Check out this site called Allergy Relief Store and you will find the items that you need.

These are only some ways in which you can make your allergy prone child allergy free at home. You can do some or do it all. You just have to admit to yourself that sometimes not everything that you try can work. It’s a trial and error process. You just have to find out what really works best for your child.


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