How To Survive a Failed Relationship

Helpful Tips on How to Forget Your EX

You've loved and now it's over. The relationship and the person that you've cherished is now gone. You've finally decided to put an end to it--to go on your separate ways and to live your separate lives. The next question you have in mind is your next steps. How will you move on? How will you forget the guy that has been the center of your life for sometime? Here are some useful and helpful tips.

  • Forget the face you cared for before. If looking at his photographs or your picture together in your mobile phone or in your computer brings back the pain then it's time to take those away from your sight. Keep them lock up or hidden somewhere; delete or throw them away.
  • Forget the memories you have shared together. Doing nothing and spending whole days and nights daydreaming of your past will only worsen the heartaches and it will not bring him back. Learn to cherish the memories you've shared but accept the fact that right now, those are already part of the past and you have a present and a future to plan and take care of.
  • Forget his actions. When you're in love, you do exceptional things; you go beyond the borderline of sanity, you'll be the mushiest person alive and you don't care. But when the relationship is over and he's gone, thinking abotu all of those sweet actions he did won't do any help.
  • Forget the things he used to say. There are words said that were truly meant. There are those that are said because the situation is calling for it. It is right, true and perfect for the moment and there were things said but not and were never meant. Now that he fades away, whatever was said no longer matters.
  • Forget the thrill when he passes by. Young love is the sweetest love, it is so innocent, and the mere sight of the beloved is enough for a young heart to leap and beat faster. It is a stage that everyone goes through, it's like a street that you'll just pass by to reach a certain destination. Lucky for those who were able to keep their route, but for you that unfortunately failed. Be thankful that you've pass that way and head on.
  • Forget the times he made you cry. If you continue to feel and experience the pain of the times he hurt you or broke your heart, or the instances when you shed your tears, then you will be buried in that deep hole of regret, of self pity and absence of self worth. He said and did awful things to you. It may have a reason or none. It may be intentional or not, but then it's already said and done. It's over. Move on. Forgive and forget.
  • Forget the way he spoke your name. You may have the most common, generic, ordinary name in the world, it may sound silly or nasty, but it would sound so special when spoken by a loved one, it seems like a music playing, a love song played over and over again on your ear. And just like any song, it will have its end. When the music stops, you can play it over through your head, but it remains to have ended. Don't force it to continue.
  • Forget the song he used to sing. There are some words left unsaid, feelings unexpressed, intentions hidden or indirectly expressed or sometimes, you just seem not to find the right words to express what you feel, or you run out of words and you found a perfect song with appropriate lyrics and melody. You think that it was just made for you, a perfect background playing while you are with your loved one. If you keep on rewinding these songs, loneliness will not leave you.
  • Forget how close you were before. You used to do all things together before, and it seems that each of you is a shadow of the other. But then you have already decided that it's over. He has already said his goodbye piece; he wants you both to go separate ways. And you honestly think and believe that he meant it. Then start doing things on your own again, you don't need anyone to help you with anything; only an invalid person needs an extra help at all times.
  • Forget the promise that he will never leave you. A promise has always been something that gives hope, something that makes us advance, and something that we can look forward to. It gives us security; it assures us and calms our troubled mind. But then promises are also made to be broken, and indeed it has been repeatedly broken, time and again. You just can't hold on to promises, because everything is subject to change. He left you, he's nowhere near you, he's not coming back, and he's gone forever. Accept that reality.
  • Forget the love that you once knew. When he leaves you, it means that your chapter with him is done. The love you've shared is over but don't turn your back against love itself, do not deprive yourself of the chance to love and be loved again. Accept that you've tried to give your best to make things work out, but you've failed.

The break up may or may not be your fault, maybe you could have done better, or did things differently, but however you put it, don't be too harsh on yourself. Brush the mess off, stand up, wear a smile and remember, someday you can find someone new.


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