How To Survive Heartbreak

When asked about love, people seem to have a lot of things to say. It may be their good moments or their worst moments. Some even conclude that love alone can move mountains. Well, of course, people can't help being poetic if they're in love, right? Actually, they're countless sentimental songs right now that focus all their heartaches caused by their so called "love of their lives." Though heartaches may be short-lived, still they can do a lot of damage to the person concerned. We must admit that some objects of affection are simply not worthy of esteem. And some worsen their situation by allowing their fantasies to override reason. However, cultivating romantic expectations for an impossible relationship is thus unhealthy. Unreturned love has been cited by doctors as a cause of depression, anxiety and general distress, sleeplessness or lethargy, chest pains or breathlessness. And that's not all, you may also feel weak, you may want to isolate yourself from family and friends, humiliation and embarrassment. But I tell you, long after the heartbreak has dissipated, memories of you following someone around, making a scene in public, and in general making a fool of yourself can linger. As a start to attaining survival from heartbreak, please consider the steps below.

Step 1

Face the reality. There's nothing more than being realistic. We shouldn't just rely on our fantasies. You must also consider the amount of chance for a real romantic development. Furthermore, has the person you like shown any interest in you at all? And if not, is there any real reason to believe that things will change in the future? Or you're just reading romantic interest into innocent words and actions on his or her part? It is crucial for us to remove exasperation from your heart by refusing to dwell on fantasy. There is a time for love and that might be years later when you're mostly ready for it.

Step 2

Analyze what you feel. Analyzing means asking "you" questions. How well do I really know this person I have set my heart on? Am I blinding myself from this person's flaws? It is better for you to analyze the kind of love you feel for this person. This might be just an immature kind of love. According to Kathy McCoy, "Immature love can come and go in a moment. The focus is on you, and you're simply in love with the idea of being in love. Immature love is clinging, possessive and jealous. Immature love demands perfection."

Step 3

You must get him/her off your mind. I understand that all the reasoning in the world does not entirely erase how you feel. However, you can avoid feeding the problem. And this means avoiding romantic novels, watching love stories both in television and in movies, or listening to certain kinds of music. Keep yourself busy and view things in a positive way. Let your family and friends help you. Try a new hobby, do some exercise, study a language, read the Bible and pray always.

Moving on is never easy. However, in time, the pain will surely subside. Surely, with all this experience, you will have learned much about yourself and your feelings and be more prepared with a real love that is coming in the future. Do not hurry yourself; instead, take one step at a time. Pray always, tell God all that you feel and ask for guidance. Nobody knows love more than God. Remember that the Bible says God is Love.


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