How To Survive Shopping with Your Boyfriend

Dragging your boyfriend on a shopping trip should be avoided whenever possible. The male female dynamic veers far apart when it comes to shopping so if you have the chance to shop with anyone else, do so. If you absolutely must head to the mall with your boyfriend then keep the following rules in mind so you won't have a battle on your hands.

  1. Have a plan. If you are a typical woman who enjoys shopping you probably like to browse and wander while you shop. This meandering might be perfect for social time with your girlfriends but this lackadaisical approach won't work with your boyfriend. Men tend to be linear thinkers and shoppers which means that they don't shop, they buy. When a typical guy goes shopping he does so with a plan to get in, get what he wants and then get out. Start with a plan of where you want to go and what you want to accomplish on the trip. With a plan your boyfriend is more likely to keep silent instead of turning petulant.
  2. Distract him. Shopping might be fun for you while you try on fifteen pairs of jeans looking for the perfect fit but the guy is not having fun. Take some pity on him and offer a distraction. Stop by the tools, appliance or electronics store so your guy can get his share of entertainment too.
  3. Keep it brief. Don't plan an all day excursion for the day that your guy is going to shop with you. Instead give yourself a time limit, preferably no more than an hour at the mall without a meal, movie or other break. You can extent the trip a little longer if you provide a meal or snack while at the mall.
  4. Avoid asking his opinion in the fitting room. No matter how much you love your guy and appreciate his opinion, you really don't want it when it comes to the fitting room. Asking a man to hang out in the women's department and then provide his opinion is worse than asking him to hold your purse at the ball game. Consider that if he really wants to get out of the store he will probably just tell you what you want to hear to get his misery over with. Plus asking him to comment on your fitting room activities is setting the guy up for failure. No matter what he says you probably won't like it.
  5. Let him go his own way. Give the guy a real break and just don't take him with you. If you have to head to the store, let him go his own way. He can watch the game in the electronics section or have a drink at the sports bar or restaurant in the corner of the mall. Or if he has things he needs to buy let him run his errands while you tackle your own. You'll both be happier for the separation.

It is possible to survive shopping with your boyfriend. Unless he's a fan of the mall, then follow these tips so you both survive the excursion without bickering or hating each other.


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