How To Sweep a Girl Off Her Feet

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When the girl you have your eye on shows limited interest, you may need to make a big splash. If you are looking for ways to approach a woman and sweep her off her feet, you've come to the right place. With honesty and the winning techniques, you should be successful.

  1. Learn what matters to her. Part of getting to know a woman is to learn about her and what she cares about. Each woman is different, so you need to find what matters to her before you can romance her.
  2. Bring her blooms. Flowers are a classic for a reason. Most women love flowers and the fact that you were thinking about her enough to buy them. Instead of going the typical route and just buying roses, find out what her favorite flower is. That small detail will let her know how much you care.
  3. Look her in the eye when you talk. For some women, the best way to let her know you care is to make her the center of your world when you are together. Let her know how you feel by looking her in the eye. Remember that eyes are the window to the soul after all.
  4. Listen. You cannot truly get to know someone without listening to her. Your girl will tell you what she wants and what makes her happy if you only listen.
  5. Know when to laugh. Having a sense of humor is essential in any relationship. When you can make a woman laugh, you open the door to romance.
  6. Walk the fine line between confidence and arrogance. Confident men are sexy as long as they don’t tip the scale into arrogant and domineering. If you believe you can win the woman of your dreams, you are much more likely to succeed. Just let her see your confidence.
  7. Make her your priority. Sweeping a woman off her feet requires that you make her a priority in your life. Let her know she’s important. Make her the first person you talk to in the morning and the last person you see at night. Let her know that her calls and your time with her take precedence over all else in your life. When she is your priority, she will know she is loved.

The path to sweeping a woman off her feet isn’t paved with grand demonstrative gestures. It’s filled with patience and taking the time to get to know your girl and what she needs.


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