How To Take Off Clothes in a Sexy Way

Taking off your clothes in a sexy and sensual way will spice up your married life and make your lovemaking a fun experience. You will make your spouse remember how you were before, fun and full of love. You should allow yourself to evolve and not remain stagnant as the years go by.

You should be adventurous and be not afraid to show some hidden talent or naughtiness. So, are you are excited to learn some techniques on how to take your clothes off in a sexy way? Here are some quick steps.

  • Ambiance of the room: You should prepare the room with a romantic ambiance. You can set the music that you would like to dance to. Instrumentals with saxophone solos are options you can try. You can create a dim effect in your room with the use of scented candles placed in strategic places in the room; float them on bowls for effect. You can even burn some incense to have that fragrant feel. Use your creative juices and let your passion and imagination take flight.
  • The perfect sexy clothes: Sexy does not mean you have to wear very daring clothes. You must feel sexy without feeling uncomfortable. Choose paired undergarments that may be of black and red colors since these colors send out sensual messages. These may be nice when they have laces for that more sensual look. Your spouse will not take his eyes off you. You can also be more adventurous by wearing small chains, black stockings or long feathers.
  • The sexy feel: It is important to have that sexy look. But it is also important to have that sexy feel and smell. Make yourself smell fresh by taking a bath using relaxing soaps or body wash. Moisturize your skin with a lotion that is not too strong and have that makeup that will make your spouse want you more. This will add confidence that you look and feel sexy and will not be afraid to show your spouse the total you.
  • Surprise your spouse: Letting him know what to expect will ruin the act. Let him wonder what you are going to do and make him want you again and again. Be confident that you can do it like you have done it many times before. Let him tremble with anticipation at the sight of you. Go with the flow of the sensual music that you have prepared. Move your hips from side to side and around, moving seductively. You can walk towards your spouse, with a teasing look, and gently take off your outer garment. You can offer a kiss but gently turn away if he reaches for you. This will build up his senses and heat up his body.

Continue dancing with the sensual music. Slowly take off your footwear or your stocking while keeping eye contact. Unhook your bra and allow it to slide on your arms and dropping it at the lap of your spouse. Move closer to your spouse, kissing him while you guide his hands to your hips, allowing him to take off your lower undergarment.

Taking off your clothes in a sexy way is just the beginning so that your spouse will be ignited and be excited to have you. Make him feel that you want him as well and you will have the time of your lives.


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