Start a Conversation with a Girl: Talking to Girls

Learn the Best Way to Approach a Girl

Talking to someone you like for the first time can be nerve-wracking. The good news is that approaching girls and talking to them will become easier with practice. When you want to talk to the girl you like for the first time, follow these steps to learn the best way to approach. These tips will help you learn how to start a conversation.

  1. Practice introducing yourself. Sometimes you just need a little confidence before you approach the girl you are interested in. Speak to your friends who happen to be girls and ask them to help you learn how to talk to a girl.
  2. Remember she is nervous, too. Girls are just as nervous about the first time as boys. Even if she likes you, she may be distant or abrupt with you just because she is nervous. Go slow and don’t expect a grand conversation the first time you talk. Good conversations take time to perfect.
  3. Young couple in loveTime your approach for when she is receptive. There are times when a girl is not approachable, no matter how much she likes you. Avoid approaching her if she is clustered with her friends or looks busy. Wait until she is comfortable and hanging out casually.
  4. Take the pressure off. You want to appear approachable and confident, so even if you don’t feel confident, you need to look like you do. Tell yourself that no matter what reaction you get from her, you will be okay with it. Prepare yourself mentally to accept rejection if it comes your way. By being prepared for the worst, you accomplish two things. You take the pressure off by being willing to accept a rejection. Plus you will be pleasantly surprised when she is receptive to getting to know you.
  5. Start with hello. It may sound simple, but nerves may cause you to forget your manners and the simple steps. Say hi, introduce yourself and then start the conversation.
  6. Get to know her. Start slow but get to know who she is by asking about her hobbies, interests, family and/or friends. Listen when she talks and use your silence to help her feel comfortable.
  7. Relax. Once you approach and say hello, it may be easy to talk too fast or get pushy. Take a deep breath and relax. Remember she is just another human being. Relax and talk to her like you would any of your friends.

Putting aside your nerves and discomfort to talk to the girl you like for the first time takes bravery and confidence. Show yours by following these steps. Once you have broken the ice, each additional conversation will become easier.


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