How To Teach a Baby to Roll Over

As babies grow they undergo various phases of development. During the early movements of your child don’t let yourself to be left out. Extend a hand that will make it easier for him to adapt to physical and psychosocial changes.

It may be as simple as a roll over or as complex as her first word nevertheless you should be well equipped with the concepts that can uplift your child’s progress.

Understanding the whole process. Rolling over is not a trick that your child can learn overnight. It entails patience and caution as you watch her do her thing at the right age. Maintain your focus as you utilize these concepts to your advantage.

  • Usually babies start to roll from their belly going to their back. After mastering such act he moves from his back going to his tummy. The opposite of this scenario can take place so don’t worry if your baby begins differently.
  • It takes the average child three to five months to perform a roll but in some cases a two- or three-month old baby develops the ability to roll from his tummy. A back to belly roll over is scheduled at around five to seven months.
  • Be observant as your baby can roll over by chance. At this point you should be there to guide him as this can be an unpleasant and frightening situation considering his tender age.

Speak his language. The most effective means of communication you can utilize to reach out to you precious child is play. You can motivate him to progress positively using toys that he has been familiar with. Allow him to enjoy his roll over sessions. Don’t attempt to hasten the process. Everything should flow naturally with your child smiling and giggling.

Work his body out. There are light exercises that your child can engage in. Let your child experience the movements needed to get the job done. Gently roll him over from stomach to back and vice versa. A soft blanket can be used to guide him in this process. Ensure that he has the feel of going both directions. This will enhance his balance, coordination, and strength.

Call his attention. Utilize a warm and loving voice to teach your child to roll over properly. Follow these simple procedures to train him until he can make it on his own.

  • Place your baby over a surface where he feels comfortable. You can get a towel he’s familiar with. Bear in mind that this will set the tone. Do this regularly with your child’s arm in front of him. Each time he lifts himself up his arm muscles are strengthened.
  • Position yourself in front of your baby. This will give him security during the early stages of this training.
  • If you notice there is an improvement in your baby’s strength move to his sides. Cover both left and right. Call his name and let him look for you because with each turn his shoulder and neck muscles are enhanced.
  • Move further according to your baby’s pace. If you constantly expose him to this routine he will develop better neck control and eventually will have the ability to roll on his own.

If your baby does not perform up to par don’t be discouraged. Each day offers a new chance to let him do his thing.


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