How To Teach a Teen Not to Be Promiscuous

Teen drinking alcohol

Raising a teenager can be a challenging experience, and it can be even scarier when you have to approach the subject of being promiscuous and the risks that are involved. This issue is one that has to be faced head on, honestly, and not just limited to sitting down and having the dreaded "talk." Try some of the tips below that will help to make this experience more beneficial to you both.

First of all, this is a subject that has to be handled openly. If your child does not hear about it from you, they will hear about it from others - and it may not be the message that you want them to hear. Sitting down and discussing this in an open, nonthreatening way starting when they are younger makes the subject less distasteful to you both. Ask them open questions about how they feel about sex, dating, and what risks they have heard about. Be prepared to be shocked at times, but do not get overbearing or forceful. Keep this conversation one of equal

The risks of having multiple partners and unprotected sex must be discussed. Tell them about your own experiences dating, and the positive side of waiting until they are devoted to someone and have taken the step to get married before having sex. The diseases, how they can affect your life, and the consequences are good indicators of what this kind of activity can bring. Also, discuss making love in a positive light as a wonderful expression between two people who have decided to share a life together, not as a dirty activity or one that is approached just for fun.

Remember to also keep in mind what your child is thinking, and how they are viewing your words. Keeping their point of view in the back of your mind will help you to communicate to them better on their level. Tell your child about role models in his or her age group that are not promiscuous. The best role models in your child's life, though, are you and your spouse or partner. Teach by example by exemplifying the positive aspects of a monogamous relationship. Also, be an example by listening when your child comes to you with questions. If you are unsure of the answer, help look for it.

Teaching your teen not to be promiscuous can be a positive learning experience for you both.


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