How To Teach a Toddler to Draw

Everyone has his own talent and skill. This skill is discovered as we go along and grow. It would be helpful if gifts and talents will be discovered and honed as early as our toddler stage. Drawing is one of the first skills developed, and possibly enhanced, in a child's life. If you could discover it early or even instill interest to them early on, there would be more room for development. Below are ways on how to teach a toddler to draw.

  1. The toddler should first learn how to properly hold a pencil. Toddlers are not yet adept in handling a pencil correctly and comfortably. So your first job is to teach the toddler how to properly handle a pencil, and how to work with it with ease and comfort. Note however that not all toddlers would learn the proper handling right away. In fact, the chance that they would not learn it until the next few days is greater. So just allow them to draw even if pencil grasp is still to be perfected.
  2. Start the drawing lesson by enjoying the different colors. Toddlers would naturally enjoy playing with different colors. So to tickle their interest more, draw the basic shapes yourself and allow the toddler to color them with his choice of color. While doing this, be sure to explain the differences in the shapes. Once he starts coloring, guide him to color it within the shape. This will become the first discipline the toddler will have in drawing.   
  3. Let the toddler trace the shapes. After coloring the shapes, teach the toddler how to draw the shapes by tracing those you have drawn. Use tracing papers where the toddler could draw his own version of the shape. You can also include other shapes, lines and simple combinations to start with. 
  4. Bring the picture to the next level. After you have played with different shapes and lines and had the toddler trace it, it is time to bring the drawing to the next level. Create a simple picture using the different shapes and combinations you previously used. A house, a tree and a sun would be perfect. Now ask the toddler to copy the picture without tracing it. Once done, make sure that you compliment whatever the outcome the toddler produces. 
  5. Ask the toddler to draw something without having a copy. If your toddler is done copying your little picture, the next step is to ask your toddler to do a picture even without anything to copy on. Ask him to draw a tree or a house, or a rainbow. It would be helpful if you could show simple computer-printed pictures to widen his horizon on items he could draw. Practice the entire tracing and the copying as frequent as possible until the toddler got used to it.

Teaching a toddler to draw could become a key to his success. This could also be a good bonding time for the toddler and the parents.


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