How To Teach Children Respectful Behavior

Respect is one of the most important values that parents have to instill to their children. It is actually one of the universal values that cut across country, race, religion and culture. Many problems around the globe would have been solved had people been respectful of their differences. True enough, this value is also one of the more difficult values to teach the children. But remember, this may be difficult but it is never impossible to instill this to the new generation. Just do the following ways on how to teach children respectful behavior.

  1. Be a good model to the children. This one may be classic and epic. But this is true. Children will always follow whatever values we show them, whether it is good or bad. This is because children look up on their parents or guardians such that everything they do or say are unquestionably right. If you wish to teach children respectful behavior, what remains the best way is to serve as role model to them. Remember that you cannot give something you do not have. If you want to instill respectful behavior to children, you yourself must have it first. Display and show respectful behavior in doing things and dealing with people. Always put in mind that the children are looking and listening to your actions. Even the way you deal with them should be clothed with respectful behavior, from the way you talk to the way you act. Avoid yelling the negative way like, yelling at those who have committed mistakes or if you are dealing with nasty drivers on the road.
  2. Accept your fault if and when you displayed disrespectful behavior. Here is the thing: nobody is perfect. This is another classic wisdom that we should consider when teaching respectful behavior to children. Of course this does not mean using it as an excuse to display untoward behavior to children. What is asked is to acknowledge this and respond to it positively, such that your goal of teaching respectful behavior to children would still be there. If you have displayed an untoward behavior, show the children that such a thing could have been dealt with better and with more respect. Simply put, acknowledge that you have done something that is not supposed to be emulated while emphasizing how it was supposed to be handled. You will be hitting two birds with one stone here, because you will not just teach them respectful behavior but you will also be able to instill the virtue of humility by teaching them to acknowledge their mistakes. 
  3. Bring these positive actions outside your home. When you are told to be a role model and show respectful manners to children, bring it outside your home. Do not confine your lessons within the walls of your house. Remember that the more important lesson here is on how you deal with "other people", and this includes the strangers.

Always remember that you cannot give something that you do not have. If you want to instill respectful behavior to your children, instill it first to yourself.


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