How To Teach your Child Left from Right

One of the most challenging tasks is to teach your child left from right. This is an important part of learning. Children must be taught this, as learning this is crucial to some lessons later in life. Children must learn left from right in order for them to know which hand to use in writing, how to read books or how to follow directions. There are some activities that you can do with your child in order to practice learning to differentiate the left ride from the right side.

Here are some of the things that you can teach your child:

  • Learn one side first. Most children already have a preference the hand that they want to use. This may manifest at an early age. Observe your child’s behavior when drawing or eating. The hand the he uses most of the time is the dominant hand. Teach your child the name of the dominant hand first. This may be an easier technique. He will quickly learn the name of the dominant hand and also learn the name of the hand that he seldom uses.
  • Teach through a song. Another helpful technique is to teach left and right through a song. One popular song that you can teach your child is the Hokey Pokey. Go through the motions of the song using your hands and your feet. Repeat the song over and over until your child gets the lyrics and the moves of the song. By doing this, they can easily sing the song in their head if ever they get confused.
  • Make an L. This is a simple thing that you can teach your child to make him remember which is the left side and which one is the right side. Stand together with your child facing one direction. Ask your child to mimic the actions that you do. Now, raise your arms and face your palms away from you. Spread your fingers in such a way that you are making an L shape with your left hand. Your right hand has an inverted L. The hand that has that has the letter L is the left side.
  • Practice. Now that you have taught your child left and right, it is time to practice it so that your child can quickly determine which side is which. To do this, play an activity with your child where you can incorporate learning the left side from the right side. Another thing you can do is ask your child which side he is using when doing certain activities, such as drawing, coloring or brushing his hair.

These are the things that you can do in order to teach your child left from the right. It might not be easy at first but your child will get used to it when your practice these activities everyday. It will also be easier once it is taught in school. You can also read on other activities that you can do with your child in order to train them in walking, writing, knowing the different shapes and colors and much more.


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