How To Teach Your Child to Talk Early

At times, knowing what your child has to say is very difficult. If only he can talk, you surely will both have a smooth and good life going on. However, contrary to what a lot of people believe, there are some ways that you can do to teach your kid to talk earlier than usual. What you need is a little patience in regard to this matter.

You can look forward to an easier conversation with you and your child sooner or later. Your efforts will pay off in the end. As a guide, here are several ways on how you can help your child to talk earlier than expected:

  1. Read to your child early. Your child will not start to talk early just out of the blue. You need to make an effort to read to him early in his life. Read to him daily so that he can pick up some words from what you are reading, even if the words will only be retained in his mind for the moment.
  2. Speak to your child. Aside from reading, it will be helpful if you talk to your child early. All throughout the day, you can find certain activities where you can talk to him. The mere gesture of giving him a toy and you telling him its name will make a lot of difference. Plus, you can practice looking at him in his eyes when you enter a conversation with him.
  3. Let other kids talk to your child. Especially if you have other children, you can allow them to play with your kid and let the other children talk to him. If this happens most of the time, the child can pick up a lot of words that he will mumble sooner or later.
  4. Talk to him like a normal person. This is not only true for you but also to other people who come face to face with your child. Do not simply baby talk your child as it will not give out best results. Hence, the first time you talk to him, talk to him like he can understand whatever you are saying.
  5. Use pictures and other illustrations. Since children will love the view of pictures, they can respond very quickly to them even at an early age. Hence, when you are trying to teach him some words, use large and colorful pictures. Or, when you are reading him a book, choose picture books that can keep him listening until the end of the story.

Indeed, it is not impossible to encourage your child to talk early. With your efforts, you can sooner have a good conversation with your little one. Now that he is still too young to talk, start making ways so that you can see the results of your efforts the soonest possible time.


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