How To Teach Your Kids Multiplication Tricks

Not all kids will love numbers. With this, some of them will surely find it a big challenge to understand and solve multiplication problems at school. Though this happens to a lot of kids, it is your responsibility to help make this thing easier for your children. You can do this in as simple as teaching them several multiplication tricks that they can use anytime.

Indeed, your children will surely love you more if you can teach them several things that will make this difficult subject a total breeze for them. Even if you really didn't excel in that subject at school during your time, it is always possible for you to help your kids in this matter. You simply need to follow these effective tips:

Know the different multiplication tricks. There are really a lot of tricks for multiplication. Your children just need to know them at heart so that your children can easily take advantage of them.

Teach the tricks one by one. Take one number at a time so that your kids will not be confused about knowing too many tricks. For instance, let him know and understand first that everything multiplied by zero is zero. Then, you can proceed teaching other tricks for other numbers. Other tricks include doubling the number that is multiplied by two, using the clock to answer multiplications by five, using the fingers for multiplications of nine, and a lot more. Make sure that your kids know how to use the tricks so that you can be certain that they answer questions correctly.

Repeat the practice as necessary. Of course, even if you are teaching the tricks, you need to practice them with your kids over and over again. This is true until such time that they already mastered the trick. It is also a good idea to give your kids rewards for every successful trick that they master.

Play a game. A trick that is not put into real practice is just a waste. Hence, to teach your children how to effectively use the tricks, you can invite them to play a game. This can be as simple as answering flash cards where the one who gets the most right answers will be the winner.

Introduce multiplication practice books. Though almost any kind of practice book will do, it is best to get the ones that have facts written on each page. With this, your kids will still be guided as to what tricks they can use in solving a specific question. You can let your kids work on the practice books. Even one page per day will do a lot in improving their learning.

Now, there will be no more moments that you will see your children having a hard time completing their multiplication assignments anymore. With your effective way of teaching different multiplication tricks, your children will have a useful knowledge that they can use for the rest of their lives. Thanks to you, your children will never have even a single multiplication problem left unsolved.


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