How To Teach Your Toddler Colors the Fun Way

Unless you make learning a fun thing, your toddler will not be as interested as you in learning new things. Even when it comes to colors, you need to teach him in a very fun way so that he can learn it in no time. Hence, as a loving parent, you must think of how to introduce colors of different kinds to your toddler in a very enjoyable way.

True enough, a toddler has a very short attention span. Hence, teaching him will be really hard. However, if the ambiance and situation of learning is enjoyable, you can expect him to pay more attention to you. So here, check out some of these tips to help you in teaching your kid about colors:

  1. Crayons. Using crayons to teach your toddler about colors is a basic thing yet one of the most effective of all. Get crayons and paper and allow your toddler to use crayons to color an object. Then, introduce to him the name of the color by constantly repeating it to him. For instance, if he is coloring a flower with red, tell him again and again that what a beautiful red flower he is doing. Then, display the finished drawing and talk about it from time to time. Even though he is not saying the word red herself, the name is surely retaining in her memory. Sooner or later, he can say the word. What is important is he can already recognize the colors.
  2. Hair clips. These are effective when your toddler is a girl. However, boys can also try them. Here, you need to get hair clips in various colors and let your toddler put it into your hair or her hair. While doing this, make sure to word out the name of the color.
  3. Magazines. In this activity, you need to have safety scissors, papers, and old magazines. Instruct your child that both of you need to cut out pictures of a particular color and paste it on a piece of paper. This way, he will be trained to recognize a particular color in a pool of different shades. Also, all throughout the activity say the color often so that he can remember the names easily and quickly.
  4. Foods. There are several colorful foods that you can use for this activity such as candies and fruits. Surely, your toddler will love naming the colors of a piece of candy before indulging into it.
  5. Toys. You can as well use her toys at home to introduce her to different colors. For instance, if your kid loves cars, go into an activity where you can infuse learning while he is enjoying playing with his collection of cars.

Though learning colors is just a basic kind of knowledge for your toddler, it is still important for him to be familiar about it. Even though it is basic, knowing colors will definitely be useful for your child not only at school but as well as to any other situation he may come across in the future.


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