How To Teach Your Toddler the Days of the Week

It will be great to know that your toddler can recognize the different days of the week. Not only will he be smart for his age but this knowledge will also help him in his day-to-day living throughout the rest of his life. Therefore, it really is important to find some time to introduce this knowledge to your toddler.

Now, what you must do is to gather up your patience for this activity. Though there are only seven days in a week, you need to spend a lot of your time with your kid before he eventually learns about the subject at heart. So to help you in this task, here are some effective guidelines you can consider:

  1. Introduce the subject through a song. Your toddler surely loves songs so you will never go wrong in using it. There are several songs that you can find teaching kids about the seven days of the week. You simply need to teach this to your child, and in no time, he will know about the days of the week. You can also make up your own songs and keep on singing them when he is around.
  2. Use big banners. You can come up with a large banner indicating the seven days of the week. You can hang these banners in your toddler's room so that he can see and study them every day.
  3. Introduce days one at a time. If today is Sunday, just teach him Sunday all throughout the day. You can do so by repeating the word over and over again during the duration of the day. A simple "Today is Sunday" will help your child learn about it.
  4. Associate a day with an event. Your child will easily learn about the days of the week by introducing it to him in association with an event. For example, Sunday is a Church Day. If your toddler knows this, he will remember that when it is time to go to church, it is a Sunday. You can do so for the rest of the days such as start of school for Monday, play time for Saturday, and so on.
  5. Use books and other resources. There are several books that can help you teach the different days of the week to your child. You can grab one from the local library or print out stories online. There are even some video clips of cartoon characters teaching about the days of the week. You can use these resources to make the task easier for you.
  6. Introduce a calendar activity every day. This can be as simple as labeling a day for a sunny or cloudy day. You can give this responsibility to your toddler to label each day and discuss it throughout the day. When the week is over, you can even go over the whole week and discuss the weather for each day of the week.

Indeed, there are a lot of great ways on how you can introduce the days of the week to your toddler. However, always keep in mind that it will take some time before he can learn them all. So as always, your patience is demanded in this learning milestone of your precious child.


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