How To Tease Your Lover

A little play with your partner can do a lot of magic in your relationship. Especially when you are together for so long, it will be best to tease him from time to time. You will be surprised as to how the simple teases can fire up your lives together once again.

However, being not a kid anymore can make teasing a lot different and difficult. Hence, to make this kind of play effective for your lover, you must know the right things to do. To help you with this, here are some simple things you can try:

  1. Let him guess a secret word before you entertain him. This is not just a cute thing to do with your lover. This also adds a good sense of excitement within him that can surely work a lot of wonders. You can set the level of your teasing by choosing a secret word depending on the difficulty you want to give him. If you wish to tease him a lot, you can consider picking a hard-to-guess secret word.
  2. Force him to communicate with you only through touching. To establish this kind of teasing, you must keep quiet in a way the he recognizes you. When you simply do not answer, he surely will get your point. So instead of telling you verbally what he wants to do, he will show you what he wants from you.
  3. Consider striptease. To set the mood, you can do this with soft music in the background. Plus, build up as much self-confidence that you have. As a rule of striptease, you must not allow your lover to touch you. He is only there to look at you. Sooner or later, he can no longer resist the situation and will surely come towards you.
  4. Surprise him with little romantic gifts or simple love notes. When your lover goes to work, you can slip a simple note in his lunch. When he finds this out, he will surely think of you all throughout his day and will be excited to see you after work.
  5. Deliver your words appropriately. Teasing your man with a flirtatious tone is very effective in a lot of cases. Since most women do not do well in terms of coining words, it is best to use the tone of your voice to succeed in whatever your motive is.
  6. Show him some dance moves. In most cases, lap dance is the best kind of dance to successfully tease your lover. Get a good music started and dance to its beat.

Surely, no matter what you do to tease your man, the mere fact of doing this can change your relationship for the better. So don’t think you are too old for this kind of fun. Anyone who wishes her relationship to light up once again will be forever thankful to the different ways of teasing her lover. For some, this simple play from time to time can keep the fire of their relationship burning for the rest of their lives together.


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