How To Tell a Girl You Love Her

There is nothing sweeter than the words, "I love you."  They bring a feeling of warmth and coziness. It is a just an overall wonderful feeling to love and be loved. If you are a normal guy, your girl has probably told you that she loves you and you have responded with an awkward, “Thank you”. It is even worse when your reply is an incomprehensible mumble. This is just unacceptable if you actually have the same feelings.

 You now know that you love her but you cannot get yourself to say it. There are several reasons for this, but the most probable reason for the delay is that you want the revelation to be just perfect. You want every detail to shout romance but there is one problem. You have not even one romantic bone in your body and you don’t even know where to start.

In this guide on how to tell a girl you love her, we will not only tell you how to start but we will get you through all the steps needed to able to tell a girl you love her. Now hang in there and you will soon be able to reveal the truth about your feelings.

  1. Start with a few simple hints. Give her an idea of how you feel but do not flat out say the words. Use hypothetical situations like “if I were in a desert and I had to bring only one person, that person would be you”. You can also joke around with her telling her how much you care. Depends on your sense of humor but it is generally a good to stay away from sarcasm to avoid any confusion. Another way to convey your feelings incognito is through body language. You can begin by staring deep into her eyes with a loving look in your own eyes from time to time.
  2. Give her compliments. Compliments help ease her into a mood that will make it easier for you to tell a girl you love her. This will show her how you feel without ruining your romantic surprise. Tell her how much you value your friendship. Make her feel appreciated for what she brings to the relationship. She is someone you love and this step should come easily.
  3. Set the stage. You want everything perfect when you go to tell a girl you love her. It is important to be alone with her when you tell her you love her. This will make things more romantic and save you from an embarrassing rejection if she does not love you. Do not underestimate the effect of a night under the stars. Make it a special event in a special place. Let the emotion build up and proceed to the next step.
  4. Just do it. After a couple of these warm-up steps, you should be ready to say it. Look into her eyes, take a deep breath and let the words come out of your mouth.

Congratulations! You have finally said it out loud to her. You have finally told a girl you love her. It does not end there. You have to show it everyday and every minute that you are together. Then she will truly know that you really do love her.


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