How To Tell a Guy You Love Him

The first time you tell a guy you love him can be scary and devastating. You can get beyond the nerves and insecurities involved with offering your love by following a few steps to share your feelings. If you are interested in expressing love to the guy in your life, then follow these steps.

  1. Get in touch with your feelings. Love and infatuation are not the same thing. Before you get started offering your feelings, spend some time being sure how you feel. It is easy to get caught up lust and be deceived into thinking you are in love. So take some time alone to get in touch with your feelings.
  2. Concentrate on the guy and who he really is. Love is selfless so you cannot dwell solely upon how you feel and how you want to be loved. Try spending time getting to know your love and what matters to him. Is he a family man devoted and loyal to his family and friends? Or does his career hold a primary spot in his heart and ambition? Find out who he is so that you can show your love in a way that he will understand and respond to.  
  3. Take action. Love is something you do not just something you say and feel. This means that you don't just love him by having strong feelings. Love is visible in the ways you take care of the person the guy. Similarly, if you care for your boyfriend when he is sick or you prepare his favorite meal after a hard day, you are loving him. Your actions demonstrate your love.
  4. Plan alone time. Now that you have acknowledged your feelings for the guy to yourself and begun to take action in offering your love, you might be ready for the words. Set the stage by taking a breath and planning some alone time. At the end of the night cozy up with your guy and whisper the words to him. Or spend the morning together talking about your dreams for the future and use that chance to share your love verbally. You might need to be patient to find the right time when the guy who holds your heart is not distracted and can be receptive to your feelings.
  5. Open your heart and say the words. Giving in to the emotions and warmth that come with love is risky. Your fears are normal and rational. Love however, is not rational. In order to love, you must open your heart. Then open your mouth and say the words out loud.

Love needs to be expressed through your words and deeds. If you are new to expressing feelings to the guy in your life, take heart. Then take a breath and offer those three little words to share.


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