How To Tell a Man You Like Him

Telling a man that you like him can be extremely difficult especially when you truly mean it. You must be thinking how horrifying and embarrassing it would be if Mr. Right ran away right after telling him how you really feel about him. Such a dreadful experience just by thinking about it! So instead of you trying to make things happen, you would rather not do anything about it to keep yourself from getting hurt, rejected and feeling utterly mortified. Now, you are hopelessly stuck in a limbo of your unsaid emotions, forever wondering in quiet frustration. Does this scenario sound very familiar to you? If this is what you have been doing to yourself, then you have got to wake up and stop this nonsense at once! You need to focus on the solutions not on the problems or else, you will never get over this bad habit of hiding your feelings to someone that you like. If you want to move forward, it is important that you know where you stand by saying how you feel and showing it through your actions. It is simple and very easy to do. Read on to learn more.

Shout your feelings through your actions. "Action speaks louder than words."  These words are very true indeed. Instead of directly telling Mr. Right how much you like him, you can indirectly show it to him through your sweet, caring demeanor. There are a lot of things that you can do to clearly send your message of love. You can start by giving him gifts that consist of all his most favorite things. Start hanging out with him on a lazy afternoon. Surprise him with a meal that you have cooked. Get to know his family and friends. These are some examples that you can do to show how much you like him. Just do not overdo it or you might scare him away. Keep it casual and friendly. Before you know it, he'll be begging for you to keep him!

Learn the body language. Send out some subtle but very clear hints by using body gestures and facial expressions. Use your body to your advantage by dressing nicely. Amplify it by occasionally touching his arms or chest. Be casual about it but at the same time, make it intimate by slightly rubbing your fingers through his shirt then immediately let go. Never linger. Always make it brief. Dazzle him with your smile and look at him with mysterious look. He'll definitely keep on coming back until you tell him the secret in your eyes.

Just spill it out! At this stage, you might have won him already! Either way, you need to tell him how you truly feel or else, this can nastily turn into the zone of friendship. Suck it up and just tell him that you like him. He may be surprised (or not) but at least you'll know where to stand.

These are the things that you need to do to successfully tell Mr. Right that you like him. Just follow these effective steps and you can never go wrong! Chin up and let yourself shine all the way out. Remember, you have nothing to hide. What you are feeling is completely normal and quite common. Start strutting your way to the man of your dreams and make him dream about you for a change! Good luck.


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