How To Tell a Woman You Like Her Romantically

Revealing your true feelings to someone is something that can already stress your nerves and rack your brains out. But telling that you are in love to a woman and that you want to become romantically involved with her can only be described as a terrifying experience. Of course, you are not frightened with the girl of your dreams! What terrifies you the most is about you not being able to make those dreams come into complete reality. That is the real clincher. You dread the experience of having to go through the whole ordeal of not knowing her response to your romantic woos thus isolating yourself in a bubble that is brimming with your worst fears. But how can you worry about something that you have not even done yet? The truth is, you have nothing to worry about stop fretting and start moving. Here's how you should do it.

Get in touch of your woman side. If you truly love her, take it slow by showing your feelings through your actions. Start by seeing the world through her eyes. Take the time and effort to study the way your girl think and feel about different things. Discover her passion, know her pet peeves and find out what makes her laugh. This step will make you more sensitive and attuned to her personality and emotions. Your conduct will surely surprise her in a very good way, creating an undetermined connection that she has not yet understood. What you are actually doing is planting some seeds that will hopefully grow into a full blown relationship. Just keep on nurturing it by being consistent in your actions. For example, if you started off as the sensitive guy, make sure you do not change this behavior.

Give her presents! It is very important that you know everything that she likes. Your gifts should be based on what she truly wants not the other way around. Flowers are cute but make sure that she's not allergic! If not, give her a dozen of her favorite flowers. Follow it up by giving her a box of her favorite chocolates. To clearly state your romantic intentions, surprise her with a candle-lit dinner. Purposely create magic in the air by being romantic all the way. Hide little notes on her bag, car or pocket. By this time, you are starting to become that sensitive and romantic guy. What else could she want? There is only one thing left that you need to do.

Take the plunge. Tell her how you really feel by taking her to a romantic place that she really loves. Make her feel that she's the most beautiful woman in the world for you. Start opening yourself up to her by saying the most anticipated words, "I love you."  You just won the battle! Even if she said no, you have no regrets because you know that you have treated her well and have shown her all your feelings through your actions.

See how simple it is to tell your dream girl about your loving emotions? Just follow and stick to these very easy steps and you can never go wrong. It is truly effective. It would greatly help if you think positive at all times. This will give you all the confidence that you need. Just remember, communicate very clearly. Make sure that she completely understands your intentions. Now go out there and be the man. Good luck!


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