How To Tell if a Girl is Interested in You

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The friend zone is such a weird place to be in. You are neither in nor out. What’s worse is that you are not in any position to put in an educated guess.

When you are friends with a girl you like, your judgment is clouded. You are either thinking too positively and misinterpreting all the signs, or you are too critical and you keep on questioning every action you take.

The whole fault falls on you for liking a girl you are close to. Things just get too complicated that way. But since you have dug yourself in this hole, someone might as well throw you a lifeline. Here are a few simple steps to help you tell if a girl is interested.

  1. Watch what she does. This is not poker. She may be hiding how she feels about you to be coy or to be polite but ultimately she wants you to know. She doesn’t get anything beneficial long term to keep from you how she feels about you. It is a matter of feeling things out and soon you will know. The next set of tips will give you an idea of what to look out for.
  2. How does she react with other people?  If the girl is interested, you will see it in the way she interacts with your friends. If you have a common close friend, then she will be talking to him or her a lot. She will also act nice with your friends that aren’t normally around your circle because she wants to make a good impression.
  3. Look at how she acts around you. This is also a good reason to look at her when she is not around you. She will most certainly behave differently when she is interested in you. If she acts the same with other people as she does with you, she either hides it well or it just isn’t in the cards. Common things to look for include giggling, blinking and squinting.
  4. See if she finds a way to be with you. A true sign of a girl having an interest in you is if she finds a way to be near you. It is also a good sign that she likes you if she breaks the touch barrier. I t could be as simple as caressing the arm or standing close shoulder to shoulder. Once that barrier is broken, you are as good as in.
  5. Subconscious mimicking. When a girl likes you, she might be unknowingly copying your movements. Try to see if she copies what you do subtly. Does she cross her legs after you do so? Watch her while you both eat. Play with your food a little and watch her. Is she playing with her food as well?

I know that it makes sense to feel things out before you dive in. After all, that is why you are looking for a sign that she likes you. That in itself is a good thing. If you like her enough, do the steps in this article, but at the end of it all, you will have to act on how you feel. Take the plunge and ask her out. It is better to get things out in the open and open your heart than sitting on the sidelines thinking about the thing that might have been.


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