How To Tell if a Guy is a Prince or a Frog

If only women could be like the princesses and damsels in fairy tales, who inevitably end up with perfect gentlemen - honest, caring, and gallant - then life would be so much easier. Unfortunately, the real world doesn't operate that way. Women have to watch out for themselves and make sure they don't get duped by men who appear to be the perfect princes at the start, but turn out to be horrible frogs in the end. Women have to be discerning.

  • A guy is probably a frog if he seems to be too nice, too polished. There is a reason why the phrase "too good to be true" was invented. A real prince doesn't pretend to be perfect--he wants you to take him as he is. Of course, a prince would want to be the best man that he could be for you, but this does not mean he'll act like a different person.

  • A prince lets you take your time; he doesn't rush you into anything. He knows you have to take things slowly, or else your relationship won't have a strong foundation. If your guy seems to be in a hurry, he's probably a frog, he doesn't care if you're ready to be with him or not.

  • You have to observe how your guy talks about his family. If he doesn't, then that should serve as a warning to you. It means he's not the family-oriented type of man. That could become a problem someday, when you start thinking about taking your relationship to the next level. He could turn into a frog, unwilling and afraid to commit himself to you and to building a family with you. If he talks fondly of his family and of his oh-so-adorable nephews and nieces, then rejoice. That's another indication that he's a sure keeper.

  • Of course, talking about his family and being with them are two different things. Observe how he acts when he's with his family. If he is able to really bond well with the other family members, then your guy is a prince. If he seems aloof and cold around them, he's a frog. There might be some family issues, which could affect your own relationship with him someday.

  • If he were a prince, then your guy would also want to meet your family and friends. He'll be excited to get to know all of them, and he won't put off planned dinners with them with lame excuses - he'd want to meet them as soon as possible.

  • Your guy shouldn't invade your personal space. He doesn't obsess about who you're with or ask you unending questions about where you've been. If he's way too interested in your present and in your past, he could turn out to be the biggest frog. A prince is naturally curious and interested in your activities, but not to the point of controlling your life. A prince doesn't delve into your past either, and he accepts you for who you are now.

  • If your guy supports you and encourages you to try new things, he's a prince. A frog would always turn you down. A prince on the other hand, will try his best to push you towards self-enrichment, and he won't be doing it for himself, but for you.

In deciding whether your guy is a prince or a frog, keep in mind that looks can be deceiving. It doesn't matter how he looks, what matters is how he is as a person, and how he treats you. Trust your instincts. Here's hoping that you won't have to kiss a lot of frogs in order to find the right prince for you. Good luck!


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