How To Tell if a Guy is Attracted to You

Relationships and dating are complicated. Sometimes all you want to know is if a guy is into you before you start getting interested in him. It can feel overwhelming with your friends pushing you toward the guy or toward dating in general when you are not sure. So follow these simple tips to tell if a guy is attracted to you.

  1. Make sure he knows you exist. If the guy you’re wondering about is the hottie who gives you a little smile in the morning at the coffee shop, make sure it’s you he’s smiling at and not his first sip of java. When he smiles your way, return the smile and watch his response.
  2. Take note of who makes contact – you or him. Does he call you or are you always the one calling and texting? This doesn’t mean you cannot make the first move. You should, however, not be the only one making the moves.
  3. Pay attention to the little touches and smiles. Men are tactile creatures and when they like someone, they have trouble resisting reaching out to touch. Notice if he touches your hand across the table when he’s speaking to you. Or observe if he runs his fingers up your arm to get your attention. Little touches mean he’s paying attention to you.
  4. Watch how his friends react. Friendship among guys involves a lot of laughs and teasing so take note of how his friends react around you. Are they pushing him in your direction? Or are they avoiding getting to know you? If you cannot answer this one because you’ve never met his friends, consider that a bad sign. If a guy is keeping you away from his buds, he likely doesn’t see you as a consistent part of his life even if he is attracted to you.
  5. Observe subtle changes in his routine. If your interest is turning in the direction of a male friend, his may be turning your way as well. One way to tell is to pay attention to his routine. Is the guy you only saw once in a while at the bookstore now there every time you go in? Has movie night turned into movie weekend? Take note if his schedule appears to be altering to allow more time to spend with you.
  6. If you’re still not sure, drop a hint. If you feel like you are getting mixed signals and still cannot tell if he’s interested, you are likely sending some mixed signals yourself. Watch how you behave around him (or have a girlfriend do it for you). Are you leaning in and then pulling away from him or are you hanging back waiting for him to make a decision? Whatever the case, if you are interested, drop a hint his way and then stay consistent while you wait for an answer. Consider your own little touches and smiles, and then send them his way.

Guys may be complicated creatures but when they want something or someone, it usually shows. So be patient and pay attention. He’s sure to send you a message one way or another if he is attracted to you.


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