How To Tell If a Guy Is Just Being Nice

Women are known for their fickle minds and their double meaning remarks. It is true that girls have this power to confuse your brains out. Men however, are simpler. They see things in black and white while women see a lot of gray areas. With this in mind, why is it so difficult to know if a guy really likes you or he is just, well, being friendly? There is a reason for this quandary. Men love women and it is in their nature to impress them by showing respect, kindness, concern and a whole lot more. These are their "macho" traits wherein they explicitly express that they are reliable and strong. They do this instinctively regardless if they are in a relationship or not. That is just the way they are. The reason for this confusion is that you can't spot the difference through their actions and words. The only one that can tell if the guy likes you is the woman he's in a relationship with. It is truly a very difficult dilemma. So how can you determine if a man is into you? Read on to learn more.

  1. Stolen looks. You can tell if a guy really likes you by carefully observing him especially when you are not talking or looking at him. So make sure you learn how to look at the corner of your eyes! If you notice that he gazes at you every time you are not looking, he is probably head over heels in love. Usually a guy would automatically shift his eyes away and gets really embarrassed (check for red cheeks or face) when you caught him looking at you.
  2. Complete (and real) contact info. Many guys are extremely vague especially when giving out their contact information. Some men even lie about it by giving you the wrong number. However, if he gives you not only his phone numbers but also his mobile number, email address and home number, then he must really like you! A guy would not be into you if he just gave you his IM address or his Facebook or MySpace account.
  3. Notices every single thing. Men can be quite dense especially when it comes to your needs. If you see that your guy seem to appear out of nowhere offering his help whenever you need something, then there must be something going on. If he does this consistently, then he is not just being nice. He is letting you know that he likes you through his actions.
  4. He is very interested about you. A guy is just being polite and nice if he asks about general things like how you are or where you have been, etc. However, if he starts asking you about your life, family, your interests, your experiences and the like, then he really likes you because he wants to know you more.

These steps are effective as long as you follow them to the letter. Remember, be observant at all times and just take things by stride. Do not overcomplicate by trying to interpret every single thing that he does. Just be yourself and have fun. You cannot have the answers to your questions all at once so might as well enjoy his company. Be very patient. In time, you will see and know if he truly likes you. Good luck and try not to stalk him.


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