How To Tell If a Guy Likes You - Five Signs

Men, like women, can also be very confusing to read. It is even more baffling because every time that he does something different, it always comes unexpectedly often catching you off guard. This truly disconcerting habit can really drive you nuts. You see, all guys are almost the same when it comes to their behavior. It is like they instinctively follow a set of unwritten rules that even they themselves, are not aware about. This is mainly because they do not spend their time thinking about their conduct and feelings. They just go with the flow. So whatever they do, they do it subconsciously mostly realizing it when it is too late or when they are almost at the end of a road. This is why women are built to think about emotions. It is to figure out what men can't way ahead of time. It balances things except if you start overanalyzing. To prevent this from happening, there are five specific ways on how to tell if a guy really likes you. Read on to learn more.

  1. The secret stare. You could tell if a guy is into you by observing the kind of looks that he gives you. If he looks at you all the time most especially when you are not looking, then he must really like you! Usually, a man will gaze at you secretly and when caught, he gets really embarrassed and looks away.
  2. Endless queries. Does he ask about your family? How about your previous relationships? Is he interested about what you do, your likes and dislikes, etc.? If he asks an awful lot of personal not general questions and he intently listens to your answers, then this guy really is interested about you.
  3. A constant companion. A guy likes you when he seems to be around all the time. He would always find an excuse to be with you like, "I'm in the neighborhood" (even if his place and work is out of the way) or "I got locked out of my apartment," etc. He would never waste his time and energy to see you if he does not like you.
  4. Focused attention. Generally, a guy often forgets almost anything that you say and he always looks around wherever he goes. This will change if he truly likes someone. If he remembers all your favorite things or he made a remark about a phrase that you said the other day, he's probably falling for you. Also, if he doesn't tear his eyes off you wherever you go, he must really like you.
  5. The introduction. A guy is into you when he starts introducing you to his friends. Pay close attention to the reactions of his buddies. Hearing a lot of "...oh so you're <your name>..." will validate that he likes you so much that he can't stop talking about you, even to his pals!

These are the five, most important signs that can effectively indicate if a guy is into you or not. It is all about consistency. Since men do most things unconsciously, you will see it means something when their actions do not change. When applying these tips, it is very important that you are very casual about it. Just be yourself and never, under any circumstances, try too hard. Now go out there and start observing. Remember, what you see is what you get and what they say is what they mean. That is how it is for guys-double meanings are just not their thing (they hate it!). Good luck!


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